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Finnish Greens Party Paper Publishes Anti-Semitic Cartoon…….


The Finnish Greens Party shows once again just how much the European Left has allowed itself to be a sounding board for antisemitism, becoming more and more mainstream within these traditional political parties. Just last week, Finnish international law “expert” professor Martti Koskenniemi stated in the Suomen Kuvalehti about Israel:

I cannot but wonder how long the shadow of the Holocaust prevents us from seeing that this is a kind of rogue state.”

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See how it works?

The Finnish international law professor was implying that (a) Israel uses the West’s guilt about the Jewish Holocaust to shield itself from being accused of war crimes, though Israel (b) does not use that argument at all, (a straw man argument) and (c) what it has accomplished in Gaza cannot in any way be deemed as going against international law. Koskenniemi, like the Greens party, are demonizing Jews and the Jewish state, and with the rise of antisemitism here in Europe, are themselves opening a pandora box of anti-Jew hatred that has been, for the most part, here in Finland, pretty much closed.

Finland’s former Foreign Minister, Erkki Tuomioja, had made a similar comparison a few years ago in the Suomen Kuvalehti as well, comparing Israel security measures with the German National Socialists of the 30’s, and appears not to regret it one bit. These politicians and political parties have a great responsibility in keeping their ranks free from racists and anti-Semites, something of which the Swedish Democrats and the Flemish Vlaams Belang have done for some time now, becoming some of the most philosemitic and pro-Israel parties in Europe.

The Finnish Greens, Finnish Social Democrat Party, Vasemmisto (The Left) and the Finnish Communists could take a lesson from the SD and the VB, and eject their racists and reform themselves. This latest development within the Finnish Greens shows just how much further they have yet to go, and until they take action within their ranks, The Greens, and the others mentioned, should be considered hostile toward Jews.

NOTE: The very same Jew-hate rests within the ranks of the Swedish Social Democrat Party as well.


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