Finnish Headlines Still Continue to Distort the Gaza War…….

I love the faithful readers of the Tundra Tabloids, I couldn’t do half of what I do without them, they’re indispensable!
The TT receives a vast majority of its tips from readers who, like the following tipster, Nettiapina, are in fact, internet animals, those who devour the “news” and discern for themselves what the actual facts are, as well as point out the glaring errors and/or biases embedded in the story line.
It’s what drives the conventional media mad, because they no longer have the monopoly on news gathering and the filter that decides, “what is news worthy and what isn’t”.
Ain’t it great?! TT reader Nettiapina sent the following which I will provide in full, the work is Nettiapina’s, the TT in this case is just riding on the coat tails. KGS
Nettiapina: I attached some screenshots from today’s Finnish newspapers to show their complete misunderstanding of the Gaza situation, and the power of the terminology and photos they use to divert public opinions.
photo 1: gazan_kriisi_yle.jpg

This is taken from the main Yle/Uutiset web page. A very distorted selection of words that put all the blame for this war on Israel, while the World demands a ceasefire. In other words, Israel is not only against Hamas but against the whole World! All the missiles shot from Gaza prior to Israel’s actions (and basically the main reason for the actions) were suddenly forgotten in a split of a second by an editor for Yle. and then, the World?
I remember some very influential countries (like germany) actually understand Israel’s response. So again we see a very influential terminology that divert the public’s opinions. Without even mentioning the photo attached to this text.

photo 2: tulitauko uutisissa.jpg

Taken this morning. the ceasefire was broken by Hamas shooting missiles into Israel this morning. Important to mention that the ceasefire was signed only by Israel. Hamas officially did not sign any ceasefire as far as I recall.

Hesari immediately blamed Israel for breaking the casefire by writing it in bold letters in the title. Iltalehti decided to write Israel’s reaction to the missiles prior to writing about the missiles shoot from Gaza (under the photo). A falsification of the reality. Israel responded AFTER missiles were shot!

Iltasanomat is more objective but pay attention to the photos. they clearly show the israeli side in relation to the ceasefire-break title.

photo 3: tulitauko_nytimesissa.jpg

Taken this morning from NY Times main webpage. Compare the Finnish newspapers terminology with the NY Times terminology… Journalism is a profession, not a hobby. Nettiapina
UPDATE: Thanks, KGS. Clarification: The cease-fire was unilaterally declared by Israel when I took these screen-shots. Later that day Hamas also signed the cease-fire. The example from NY Times is enclosed to show how journalism can actually educate people instead of brainwashing them with bombastic headlines and skewed terminology. Nettiapina

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