Disgruntled Muslim Report: Gnashing of Teeth Heard in the TT’s Comment Section …….

Ehsan Jami’s ‘An Interview With Muhammed’……. has caused someone to over boil and to question why Ehsan Jami dared to insult Mohamed.
Well, Ehsan Jami was not exactly insulting the founder of Islam, but was in fact giving him (Mohamed) the benefit of the doubt when he casted him as an apologetic reformer.
I mean, if the supposed “religion of peace” is being merely misunderstood by adherents and non-Muslims alike, what better way to clear the air than the man himself? Well, it appears that some Muslims are not quite ready for that yet. KGS

“astagfirullah..jamis..r u a muslim??? why are u doing this??? it is absolutely not appropriate to make an interview with the prophet and imagine him physically!!!!!!!!!!!! and the information is totally irrelevant, nonsense and bullshit. you insult Muhammad s.a.w..meaning u insult ALLAH’S messanger and u insult ALLAH too..Surely ALLAH is sooooo angry with you..subhanAllah.. “

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