Circulating Email Calls for Israelis to Boycott Turkey…….

What should one do if a people side with your enemies? Perhaps choosing another place to vacation and to spend your money is something worth considering. KGS

“The Turks should go search for their friends in Gaza. We are not coming“.

ANSA: ANKARA, JANUARY 15 – An e-mail traveling through the Internet is calling on Israelis not to visit Turkey due to its objection to the country’s attack on Gaza, Hurriyet Daily reported. Under the title, “We must beat them through their pockets and boycott the Turkish hotel industry”, an e-mail sent over the Internet called on Israelis to boycott Turkey as a tourist destination due to Ankaràs harsh criticism of Israel, as well as the mass demonstrations held in the country against the attack in Gaza, Hurriyet wrote quoting Israeli Ynetnews.
The e-mail included a short caption: “No more Turkey! No more traveling to Turkey!. The Turks should go search for their friends in Gaza. We are not coming”. Attached to the e-mail there is a photo taken at a store in Turkey where a sign in English reads, “For children-killer Israelis, no sale, no entry”.

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