Israeli Arab Propagandist Umayya Abu-Hanna Spreads Her Bull on the Finnish Air Waves Again…….

Umayya Abu-Hanna comes from the Arab Christian community in Israel, has lived in Finland since the 80’s, is a journalist, author and a very familiar voice on Finnish television, radio and in the print media.
Because she is such an accomplished speaker, she has succeeded in using her position as propagandist for the Palestinian cause, as well as spreading her warped views of the history of the conflict and of Israel in general.
When is comes to her ‘tin horn version’ of what should be done to end the conflict, it comes down to only one thing, the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel by creating a bi-national state.
Abu-Hanna was at it again the other day (13.01.09) while the TT was traveling to Helsinki, this time on Finnish radio uttering one outrageous claim and thought after another, with Maisoun Kanaan, Finland’s Palestinian Spokesman, Olli Ruohomäki, Foreign Ministry’s Political Development Deparment Advisor and Wille Rydman, from the National Coalition Youth League as they discussed the Middle East conflict.
Abu-Hanna makes the claim that “troubles started only when European Jews came to the region of Palestine”.
But contrary to her statement, Jews have lived continuously in their ancient homeland since time immemorial. While it’s true that both indigenous and immigrant Jews have suffered pogroms at the hands of the Arabs, not all Arab tribes however viewed the Jews as unwelcome. The Nashashibi clan defended Judaism, and ended up being decimated by the al-Huisseini clan which was headed by the Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin al-Husseini, the uncle of Yasser Arafat, and a wanted war criminal for his part in forming the SS Balkan Mountain divisions that tried to wipe out Jews in the region.
Abu-Hanna: It’s not a religious conflict just one of politics.
She knows that she’s lying, any Christian Arab understands the proper meaning of Jihad, it’s an often repeated Islamic concept in both the political and religious spheres in Palestinian society. She is also aware of the meaning of dhimmi, and if push came to shove, she would rather live in a Jewish state as an Israeli citizen, than as a dhimmi Christian in a Palestinian state. As for it being purely a political conflict, the rejection of every attempt to solve the conflict through purely political means by the Palestinians, regardless what political party was representing Israel in the negotiations, proves that ‘s not about politics, but one of religious fundamentalism, for the Palestinians have yet to give up on a greater Palestine.
Abu-Hanna: “Israel’s founding is based upon is religious ethnic identity. It’s a Jewish state. And if we label Hamas as Islamic terrorists, then we can say it’s Jewish terror coming from the state of Israel”.
What a disingenuous pin head. Islam is not an ethnicity, but an ideology, even CAIR’s spokesman, Ibrahim Hooper states: “Islam is an ideology. It’s not a race.” Judaism (and Christianity) lacks the “Jihad Ideology“, which in fact, sets it (Islam) apart from all other religions as well. Abu-Hanna knows this, but yet she spins it so, to make Islamic terrorism not a justified term, not unless we are willing to drag in other religions and define their actions in the same way. She’s a shill for Islamic jihad whether she admits to it or not, because she seeks to diminish or obfuscate Islamic justification for the acts being carried out by Hamas and other Islamic fundamentalist/terrorists, because it makes her cause look bad.
Abu-Hanna: “even in the 60’s when you look at the PFLP, it had nothing to with religion”.
Very thin ice, especially for an Arab to be skating on. All one needs to do is look to the actual words of the Arab leaders during the period leading to Israel’s founding, and one sees Muslim anti-Semitism getting a “kick start” from National Socialism, that is founded on Islamic texts, and those that understood and believed in Islamic supremacy, could never allow for a non-Islamic state to be in existence, whether it’s a Jewish of Israel, or a Christian state called Lebanon. Christian Europe stood by and watched Lebanon be depopulated from its Christian majority, in much the same way it’s been watching Bethlehem being depopulated from its once Arab Christian majority.
The conflict has everything to do with Islam’s inability to allow for a Jewish state to exist in what is considered Muslim territory, and so here is a Christian Arab propagandist willingly trying to obfuscate that core reality to the conflict, which is now more than before -perhaps because the Arabs are being so open about it than before- a conflict being for not for independence, but for the glory of the whole Islamic world (Ummah).
Abu Hanna then launched into a rhetoric about Israel wanting to be “as pure of a Jewish state as possible”. By trying to paint Israel’s intention of remaining as a Jewish state, she shows just how much of a racist she actually is, by supporting the traditional Palestinian call for the end of Jewish self determination. She also rejects the reason behind founding of Israel itself, as a safety valve for World anti-Semitism. Jews need to be secure in a land of their own, to ensure all other Jews have a place to turn to during times of trouble.
Abu Hanna: “I am a Palestinian Israeli, Arab defines a language group.”
Well, here is another flagrant bastardization of the historical record. The Tundra Tabloids recognizes it as a moot subject, since everyone involved in the conflict have taken the Arabs’ propaganda point as fact, but there is no such thing as a Palestinian people, anymore than there is a distinct Scandinavian people. It’s simply a name of region, these people are Syrians, Egyptians, Lebanese, Iraqis, Algerians, Moroccans and Hashmites. as well from other sectors of the Ottoman empire, which continually moved people into the area of Palestine due to famine, disease, leaving debt and other assorted reasons. She’s an ethnic Arab wrapping herself in the label of “Palestinian” in order to drive a wedge into Israel’s co-existence with its Arab citizens. Nothing more and nothing less.
When asked whether she approves of an independent Jewish state, in other words a two state solution, her answer was simply “no”. No more proof is needed to show just how much of a hardliner and an anti-Semite this person is. Most likely she would never want to live in a truly Palestinian state, with the likes of Hamas, Fattah and ilk running the show, Finland trumps all that of course.
Abu-Hanna: “The basic problem started when another group came in and stole the land from other already there.”
Problem with that important piece of info is that it’s totally false, she’s lying through her teeth. Perhaps she even believes it to be true, but it’s a well known fiction. Jews purchased land through the Jewish Land Fund from Arab and Turkish land owners, very few Arabs owned any land. Most of the land bought purchased was the worst terrain possible, and many Jews died from disease in trying to drain the land for agriculture. Besides, because of the Ottoma’s usury policies, very few land was ever left to fall into private hands, it would deplete them of a financial industry that had kept inhabitants as indentured serfs for hundreds of years.
Ironically, when the areas that were purchased for large sums of money began to produce wealth, in caused a great migration of Arabs living elswhere to move into the Jewish areas and build their towns. Though there are some people (Jews & Arabs) that can claim they come form generations of people living there for thousands of years, the overwhelming majority of the people in both Israel and those claiming to be indigenous “Palestinians” are in fact …immigrants. KGS
NOTE: The Radio broadcast can be listened to here.

Watch this and see how much Umayya Abu-Hanna is full of hot air.

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