Helsinki Finland: Pro-Israel Rally Draws 2500 People……!

Last night the Tundra Tabloids was in Helsinki participating in a pro-Israel rally that promptly began and as soon as Israeli Ambassador, Avi Granot arrived. Everything went smoothly and orderly as planned, and according to the police, 2500 people participated! That is the equivalent of 120 000 people marching through Washington D.C. !!

Ambassador Avi Granot
The pro-Israel rally begins:

There were a few people along the way shouting obscenties, three Somali women were waiting for a tram over on Mannerheim street, one of them spat on the ground and said something but she couldn’t be heard over the crowd that was singing, Heiveinu Shalom Aleichem, Peace onto you. When you look at the thugs who support the Isalmofascists, who busily trash the city, threaten the police and try to intimidate the local populace, you can see which side maintains the high moral ground. The pro-Israel crowd.

Sign reads in Finnish: Remove weapons from Hamas.
That is soooo right. No Pali supporter has yet to explain, in a reasonably way, the military strategic significance of a Qassam rocket. They won’t be able to answer that one because they know that it’s useless as military weapon, but as a weapon against civilians, it’s more than enough to spread fear. Part II

Yeah, my kind of people

Israel is a recognized member state of the United NationsThe EU should condemn the thousands of rocket attacks on Israel Israel: The front guard of the civilized free world

NOTE: I will have another video up once it’s uploaded to You Tube. KGS UPDATE: Al Avai says there’s a big difference between Sweden’s and Finland’s support rally for Israel:My cousin in Stockholm reports the following on the support “rally” in Stockholm: Here we just had 800 people in a church on Sunday. Afterwards the police had to escort the participants to their cars in groups of 15.
Am Israel Chai !

Israel you are not alone

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