YLE Claims 300 Children Dead in Gaza War But Refrains From Telling How Many Were Fighters…….

The Tundra Tabloids emphasizes that Hamas and its supporters are solely to blame for all of the deaths and injuries that have occurred in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead. They alone bear the responsibility for the launching of rockets upon Israel before, during and after their so called “cease fire”, and for instilling a “culture of death” in their society. Hamas is to blame for it all.
Yet the media continues to shill for these genocidal maniacs in their news reports, either overtly, or through omission. Take for example the latest YLE news report, in which the news room propaganda disseminating station tells of Operation Cast lead claiming almost 900 Palestinians and three Israeli civilians and ten soldiers.
Notice that the report (in Finnish) does not distinguish whatsoever between Palestinian civilians and Hamas operatives fighting Israeli forces. There is absolutely no mention at all, of how many of the Palestinian dead were actually engaged in the fighting, the only thing mentioned is almost 900 dead, and nearly 300 of them children.
Well here’s a wake-up call for the YLE staff, Hamas employs women and children into its fighting unit, and just becuase they’re women or children, does not mean they were not involved in some way in the fighting. What’s worse, they don’t even report how many of the dead were Hamas members of its actual fighting wing.
Here are some pictures that the Finnish media refuses to show the public

Hamas’ “summer camps” have trained these kids to fight, and it’s highly unlikely that they haven’t been called into action during Operation Cast Lead. The reason why most people are ignorant of the Hamas’ brainwashing of their youth from an early age, is because the media turns its blind eye to it. KGS

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