Finnish Paper Iltalehti Spreads More of ‘Mad’ Mads Gilbert’s Anti-Israel Propaganda…….

See how easy it is? All you need is a lab coat and Kafiyyeh wrapped around your neck and you are the fountain of credible information and the most hotly sought after Western voice in Gaza. No wonder the international media types are hell bent on getting in, ‘MAD’ Mads Gilbert is getting all of the glory, and they want their fair share of anti-Israel bashing as well.

The blood libel on the paper’s front page reads: Doctors: Israel tests new weapons in GazaOVER 900 DEADGaza is a testing fieldIt’s all really quite sick minded when you think about it, the old blood libels against Jews as being inhuman and blood thirsty, has never really gone away in Europe. While Hamas uses it’s own people as human shields, these idiot journalists print crap that would have been left on the cutting room floor during an earlier age. The media has lost all of its common sense. KGS

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