For $1m Mariah Carey Slutted Her Stuff at New Year’s Eve Bash For Gaddaffi’s Son…….

“And they all had a great time”

Reinhard from FOMI said: “Saif al-Islam Ghaddafi (Sword of Islam Ghaddafi!) paid Mariah Carey $1 million for a new year’s eve concert. No sympathy for the poor Gazans there.”
That’s sooooo right. The Arabs want the West to continually cough up the “jizya” for the Arabs, so that Arab leaders and their offspring can indulge themselves in their own fantasies, while their people cook with animal dung. I also question the morality and common sense of these music bimbos that take money from these tyrants, when in fact they should be giving them the cold shoulder, not bearing it. More here. KGS

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