Finland: YLE’s Moonbat Activist Journalist Hannu Reime Should be Confined to a Straitjacket…….

Hannu Reime is an unabashed pro-Palestinian “activist journalist”, he told the Tundra Tabloids that much in an email exchange.
This is a man who embodies all that is wrong with Finland’s state TV/Radio news organization, which never saw a Third World cause it didn’t like, no matter how Marxist the background and no matter how genocidal the program. All is worth supporting and defending, because, the West and its “imperialism is the root cause of all the suffering in the world, not the failed ideologies of Marxist Leninism.
YLE’s propaganda machine is busily working overtime, with the wheels turning and the sparks shooting wherever the oil has ceased to lubricate the cogs in motion. It’s always interesting to see what crap the masses at YLE can churn out that will compete with the crap they have already published.
Hannu Reime, Finnish “activist journalist” and champion of Third World causes, tries to outdo his worst anti-Israel pieces to date, with yet another drive-by burst of words recently published in his regular YLE column. He lets down his guard (journalistic standards) with his latest “hit-piece”, that ponders just which Israeli politicians should be brought up on war crime charges once the dust in Gaza begins to settle.

Hannu Reime: BACKGROUND: Who are the real war criminals of Israel’s attack?Reime: Unless the Israeli military attacks in Gaza is a war crime, then what are they? How many Palestinian civilians – women, children and unarmed old people – the armed forces called the Israeli army have been killed, before the much talked about international community can think of bringing Ehud Olmert, Ehud Barak and Tzipi Livnin to justice. The real criminals are not the soldiers, who literally fire missiles from F-16 fighter aircraft and combat helicopters and tanks that buildings into rubble. Those responsible are the politicians who have chosen the military operations.Here is the chosen logic of this activist journalist, who obviously refuses to read the Geneva Conventions that govern the rule of law. Any military action that results in the death of a civilian, is a war crime, unless it’s a Hamas/PLO or an other Third World terrorist, though they specifically target civilians, they are fighting Western oppression and one does have to look between the fingers, don’t they?Reime: “If also Hamas is launching much, much smaller and less efficient rockets to the Israeli side, then it can well be argued, that the State of Israel is the crimes guilty of war crimes a hundred times more, than compared to Hamas’ crimes: for every dead one Israeli is responsible for roughly one hundred Palestinians in this long conflict, in the latest, very bloody stage. Personally, I don’t care for such arithmetic, but the extent of Hamas’ homemade weapons’ destructive power are made irrelevant when they’re compared to Israeli weapons, which are also homemade, Made in the USA. Hamas rockets have great psychological fear factor in the region, to whom they are aimed. In the light of comparable force, what can one think of the fear factor of Israeli arms in Gaza? The question is rhetorical, it is therefore useless to respond. Truth of the matter is, Reime could care less to divulge the truth behind Qassam rockets, not only its design, but its intended use, automatically disqualifies it from being used in the first place. International law deems any such weaponry that does not have a military use, to be outside the rule of law, and the use of such weapons to be a war crime. Reime misses the point alltogether, and on purpose, because a journalist who has worked the foreign news beat for his length of time, HAS NO REASON IN THE WORLD NOT TO KNOW that these weapons are illegal.BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!Reime: According to Israeli newspaper reports, the attack on Gaza began to prepared more than a half a year ago, even before the summer ceasefire was agreed upon. It included intelligence of Gaza and also preparing for what is termed in Hebrew, as hasbara, meaning explaining, preparing to combat for future criticis from abroad. The familiar word is propaganda. The cease-fire, during which time Gaza did not fire rockets into Israel, broke in November, when Israel bombed Gaza and killed six Hamas fighters. In December, Hamas announced that it would no longer continue with the ceasefire, stating the reason was the continuing of the Gaza blockade. Simpleton logic, that’s meant to conjure up a dark, behind the scenes image, of the evil Jewish state scheming what it would do once it intentionally broke the ceasefire. Wake up call for Reime, any reasonable person knows that Hamas, being the arm-wing of Iran, would ratchet up the violence at any given moment. Having plans does not mean they would be enacted upon, regardless of how much effort was put into it, any military officer without an axe to grind will back that up.He then goes on to describe a major “hasbara campaign” being formulated, so I guess that’s enough to settle it for Reime, how dare the Jewish state make contingency plans for itself, having done so, means the darkest of skulduggery. He then dares to state that not a rocket was fired from Gaza during the ceasefire, until Israel broke it in November, what a baldfaced lie. Journalist indeed. KGSLIST OF QASSAM ATTACKS ON ISRAEL DURING THE SO CALLED CEASEFIRE

Ceasefire Update: 62 Palestinian Rockets and Mortars Fired at Israel in 24 Hours
November 6, 200820 Rockets Fired from Gaza to Israel
November 5, 2008More than 35 Qassams, Mortars Fired at Israel
Ynet News
November 5, 2008Rockets Ambush IDF Patrol on Gaza Border
The Bulletin
November 2, 2008Gazans Fire 2 Anti-Tank Missiles at IDF
Jerusalem Post
October 31, 2008Palestinians Fire Kassam at Sderot
Jerusalem Post
October 30, 2008Gaza Militants Fire Qassam into W. Negev After Month-Long Lull
October 21, 2008Qassam Lands on Palestinian Territory
Ynet News
September 29, 2008
Kassam Lands Near Sderot Mayor’s Home
September 14, 2008Bomb on Gaza Border, None Wounded
Ynet news
September 11, 2008
Firing 40 Rockets Still Qualifies as Ceasefire
CAMERA Snapshots
August 29, 2008Israel Shuts Gaza Crossings Because of Rocket Fire
Washington Post
August 26, 2008Kassam Rocket Attacks: Ramadan Preview?
Arutz Sheva
August 25, 2008Qassam Rocket Fired From Gaza
Ynet News
August 25, 2008Qassam Rocket Lands in Eshkol Region; None Wounded
Jerusalem Post
August 17, 2008Projectile Hits Ashdod Beach, CNN Reports PRC Has Long Range Projectile, PRC Denies CNN Report
Maan News Agency
August 15, 2008Qassam Lands in Sderot, No Injuries
Ynet News
August 11, 2008Kassam Rocket Lands in Western Negev
Jerusalem Post
August 6, 2008Qassam Lands on Palestinian Side of Fence
YNet News
July 25, 2008Qassam Rocket Explodes in Western Negev
YNet News
July 14, 2008Kassam Rocket Hits Gaza Periphery
Jerusalem Post
July 12, 20082 Qassams Land in Western Negev
YNet News
July 10, 2008

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