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Only 12% of Helsingin Sanomat Panel Show Signs of Intelligence………

The question presented to the Helsingin Sanomat’s guest list of panelists, was the following:

Which side bears the greater responsibility for the starting of the Gaza war?”

12% of the guest panel, that included researchers, professors, authors, historians and artists, concluded that Hamas bears full responsibility for creating the current conflict. Kudos to Iivi Anna Masso, Juha Sihvola and Markku Ruotsila, for proving that not all is lost in the academy.

The remaining 88% of the assorted panelists range from the dumb to the dumber, with 49% not daring to answer at all, and 39% making a public spectacle of themselves by blaming Israel.

Apparently for the 88%, launching weapons -which have no military value- strictly into civilian public centers, does not constitute a war crime, nor deserving of any kind of response.

What is one to think of such people who have spent hundreds of thousands of Euros on a decent education, and yet publicly expose themselves as simpletons in the worst possible way? Worse yet, they haven’t the common sense to realize what they have done, and are in fact, proud of themselves. Yikes!

Here are the amazing three that get it.
[Hamas on Gazan konfliktin käynnistäjä ja ylläpitäjä, sanoo politiikan tutkija Iivi Anna Masso. Hän sanoo Hamasin terrorisoivan myös “omiaan”, poliittisista vastustajista uskonnollisiin vähemmistöihin.]

Hamas is the originator of the Gaza conflict and is keeping it going, said political researcher, Iivi Anna Masso. She said that Hamas is terrorizing its “own people”, from the political opposition to religious minorities.”

[Professori Juha Sihvola kysyy, olisiko nykyistä kriisiä syntynyt, jos Hamas olisi poliittista valtaa saatuaan karsinut terroristisia menetelmiään ja luopunut rakettikampanjastaan. “Tai toisin päin, kuinka paljon pelkästään rauhanomaisia vaihtoehtoja Israelilla olisi saatavilla tuonkaltaista vastustajaa vastaan.]

Professor Juha Sihvola wonders whether, this present crisis would have occured, if Hamas had removed the strategy of terrorism from its political element and had given up its rocket campaign. “Or vice versa”, how many peaceful alternatives does Israel have against such an opponent.”

[Israelin johtajilla on oikeus ja velvollisuus puolustaa kansalaisiaan, vakuuttaa historiantutkija Markku Ruotsila. Hän siteeraa kenraali William Tecumseh Shermania, jonka mukaan “sota on helvettiä ja ainoa keino lopettaa se on saattaa tämä totuus niiden tietoon, jotka ovat sodan aloittaneet.]

Israel’s leaders have the right and duty to defend its citizens, insists history researcher Markku Ruotsila. He quotes general William Tecumseh Sherman , according to whom “war is hell, and the only way to stop it is to bring the truth to their knowledge, who have started the war.”

I won’t bother publishing the nonsense of the nay-sayers, it’ll suffice to say that the professor of international law, Pertti Koskenniemi, Islamic language professor Jaakko Hämeen-Anttila and Greens politician, Osmo Soininvaara get it all wrong and badly.

The TT hereby awards “The Miserable Three” and their fellow colleagues,……

The Tundra Tabloids:

Turd of Shame

Heikki Hiilamo, –one of those on the HS panel who voted against Israel- is a director at Diaconia University of Applied Sciences (Lutheran Church) opined:

The war in Gaza is one of an elder bully warring against a weaker bully. The back drop to the conflict is that, Israel has occupied Palestine. Therefore it has the greater responsibility for what happens.”

AlAvai adds: “It’s strange how Hamas, which holds the Gaza population hostage as human shields and is an internationally identified terrorist organization, is not held accountable.

As a Jew from a European family, I must say my gut reaction is, “European churches gave us no support or shelter to my family in the Holocaust; our survivors fled Europe after two millennia to go home, and now the churches support our enemies. The churches have thereby lost moral authority”

NOTE: In contrast to the HS panel’s results, Finnish MTV3 poll viewed favorably Israel’s Operation Cast Lead as a defensive response to Hamas’ rocket attacks. 54.3% – 45.7%

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