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Finland’s Helsingin Sanomat Duped by Hamas Propaganda Once Again…….

The Finnish media is duped time and again, but will they ever learn? Nope, they could care less that they’ve been duped, because activist journalists never looks for the truth, but for the angle, and how it will cast their target (Israel) in the worst possible light. This past Saturday, the TT reported on the Helsingin Sanomat’s Jukka Huusko, who was caught shilling for Hamas, in a article that was based on phone interviews with Palestinians in Gaza.

I wrote then:In the article, Huusko willingly take’s at face value, the words of a father whose son was killed in an Israeli strike against a Hamas compound last Saturday, he said his son was:

“just a policeman and had nothing to do with Hamas nor its armed wing”.

I continued :But again, the man’s claim is taken at face value, no matter how many times the Palestinians have been caught lying to the media. They lie and the media gladly reports it as fact, no questions asked. Really. Even if it later comes out that the story is completely bogus, the media will not correct its original faulty story because it’s considered by then to be…”old news”. The Arabs know it and use that as a strategy to its maximum advantage.”
Well guess what folks? The Tundra Tabloids was right again.
By way of the Sheik, the MEMRI service translates a post from a Hamas affliated website, in which the policemen who were killed in an Israeli strike on their compound were identified as being ‘Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam members.

MEMRI: Rashid Thabet, who writes regularly for a website identified with Hamas, has praised the policemen killed in Gaza, stating that they were no mere regular cops who flunked out of school and were recruited to oppress the residents on behalf of a tyrannical regime, but policemen who were the elite of Palestinian soceity. He said that nearly all of them were ‘Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam members, who by day carried out security missions and by night engaged in jihad and attacks. Source:, December 29, 2008

So the either the father was lying (most likely) to the Finnish journalist on the phone, or he had no knowledge whatsoever (highly unlikely) that the Hamas police force doubles as Izz Al-Din-Qassam terrorists at night.
Will Jukka Huusko correct his initial report, or qualify a newer report with the correct info, or just let it all slide down the memory hole where all of the HS’s errors end up? The Tundra Tabloids believes that a moose will sprout wings and dance the “Cellar Polka” before the HS admits to writing false reports. KGS

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