IDF Begins Shelling Gaza Targets…….

Preparation for ground assault? It appears that the area of interest is the portion of Gaza where most of the rocket attacks against Israel have taken place.
YNET: For the first time since the operation in Gaza got underway, IDF artillery cannons started to shell targets in the Strip.

IDF artillery cannons began pounding the eastern sector of the Gaza Strip around 4 pm Saturday. Ynet correspondent Ron Ben-Yishai reported that portable artillery batteries are engaging in a heavy bombardment of the area. This is the first time in three years that the IDF has fired artillery shells at Gaza targets.

So it just might be the start of the ground campaign every one of Israel’s supporters have been hoping for, (or should be hoping for) once the shelling stops. To totally defeat Hamas, boots on the ground is mandatory, there is no way around it. Lets all hope and pray that the IDF gets the job done, with the least amount of casulaties to the Israeli armed forces possible. KGS

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