Finland: National Coalition Youth Party’s Support for Israel, Angers the Left…….

“Israel has every right to defend itself, writes the Kokoomusnuoret in a memo”

Finland’s ruling National Coalition has a youth party, the Kokoomusnuoret, that shows it has a solid spine, bucking the trend of Israel bashing, by coming out strongly in favor of the Jewish state’s right to defend itself! Sign of life and intelligence in Europe! The memo is viewable here. KGS

National Coalition Youth Party Defends Israel – The Left’s Youth Party Criticizes it

YLE: The organization joins, among other things, the German Chancellor’s position that the ruling Islamist Hamas in Gaza unilaterally broke the ceasefire agreement, and the Israeli counterattack is therefore legitimate.

Kokoomusnuoret criticized the climate of opinion, which reacted to the violence in the Middle East only when the impact is now Israel. According to the organization, Hamas’ rocket attacks receives, no international reaction. There is room for improvement in this by UN, the EU and the Finnish media write the Finnish National Coalition Youth.”

Here is entire the translation of the Coalition Youth League’s memo of support for Israel. KGS
Kokoomusnuoret: Israel has every right to defend itself (02.01.2009)
Coalition Youth League is astonished at the way in which the international community seems to react repeatedly to the Middle East violence. “When Hamas bombs the Israeli civilian population, no one seems to be responsive,” wonders the National Coalition Youth League’s international task force chairman, Wille Rydman. “Only when Israel responds after repeated warnings, does the international community’s offer its verdict.” The Youth Coalition believes that it is not so unusual for an independent and sovereign state to defend its territory from attacks against its civilians . Or is their some kind of fuzzy logic driving this, that terrorism can be looked between the fingers but defense of the homeland is reprehensible,” Rydman Wonders.

The Youth National Coalition believes that there is room for improvement in the conduct towards the ME by UN, the EU and the Finnish media. The UN seems to come alive only when Israel will does something. The EU has stubbornly refused in classifying the Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. The Finnish media gives the events an unnecessary one-sided picture and does not present enough background in the conflicts,” Rydman states.
Support for Israel’s right to self defense have already expressed by the USA and the EU’s biggest Member State, Germany. Coalition Youth League agrees with the German position that Hamas has unilaterally violated the ceasefire agreement and Israel is therefore entitled to respond to the attacks.
More information:
Wille Rydman,
NOTE: The Vasemmistonuoret, The “Leftist Youth League” however, are in lock step with the Islam-O-Fascists. Which places them, shoulder to shoulder with the Neo-Nazis. No great ideological leap there. KGS

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