Tundra Tabloids Called it Right, Egypt Wanted Hamas Nailed by Israel…….

I had posted about it earlier last week, that despite Egypt’s call for Israel to refrain from attacking Hamas, it was quietly hoping for just that, a full military operation. In today’s edition of the J’lem Post, the Hamas lets it be known that Egypt pulled the wool over their eyes, in downplaying the threat of an Israeli operation.
J’lem Post: “Only hours before the attack, the Egyptians told our representatives that they were under the impression that Israel would not launch an operation,” the Hamas official said. “We believe the Egyptians deliberately deceived us because they had given Israel a green light to attack.”
You bet they did, for they loathe the Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza (Hamas) as much as they do their affliates in Egypt. I love it when the Arabs betray each other so openly and so profoundly, it reveals how much solidarity there actually is for each other in the region. KGS

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