Indonesia Islamofacists in the Streets Demanding an Islamic State…….

Hizbut Tahrir’s Female Brigade: What do we want,”Sharia”, when do we want it, “Now”!

These Indonesian Muslim females can’t seem to get enough misogyny into their dull boring lives, so they’re demanding sharia law in order to spice things up a bit. Just wait until the Sharia judges begin laughing at their requests and telling them their claims are worthless because a woman is of lesser value than a man.

As the Shiek would say: “Straight from the dumber than dirt department“. KGS

Jakarta, 22 Dec.(AKI/Jakarta Post) – Thousands of Muslim women from the hardline Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia organisation have staged a rally in Jakarta calling for the country to enforce Sharia law and establish a traditional Islamic state or caliphate.

The women marched through the centre of the capital on Sunday from the US Embassy to the nearby State Palace, and some carried their children. The protesters rejected the current system of democracy and said it failed to bring prosperity to the predominantly Muslim nation. The rally was peaceful amid tight security.

Protest leader Febrianti Abassuni said the women’s wing of HTI would intensify its campaign for an Islamic state this month to coincide with the commemorations of Mother’s Day and the Islamic New Year on 29 December, in the lead up to the 2009 elections.

“This movement offers guidance for the people to contribute to the country’s transformation in the upcoming elections,” she added. The protesters claimed khilafah, an administrative system based on Islamic ideology and led by a caliphate, would be best for Indonesia and should replace Pancasila as the national ideology.

“Democracy and capitalism have proven ineffective in bringing about prosperity,” Febrianti said.”Islamic Sharia is the right way toward an advanced and strong nation.”

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