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Sweden Swells its Numbers With Record Breaking Immigration Drive…….

That’s the way to do it, that is, if you no longer want to remain a state comprised of a majority of ethnic Swedes. How do you supposedly prop up a failed nanny state that refuses to place any emphasis on its own indigenous birth rate? Well import more and more immigrants, preferably from the Middle East and North Africa, and hope for the best!
The Local: Immigrants central to swelling population

Sweden’s foreign-born population is expected to reach 14 percent by the end of 2008, a year in which the country’s overall population had its greatest increase since 1970.

In the last decade, the Sweden’s foreign-born population has grown by 27 percent, as measured as a percentage of Sweden’s total population, according to Statistics Sweden. If people born in Sweden to two foreign-born parents are added to the mix, the total comes to 378,000 people, or nearly 20 percent of Sweden’s overall population.

The 108,000 Iraqis now living in Sweden comprise the second largest group of foreign-born residents in the country behind natives of Finland, of which there are 176,000. During the past year, 102,000 people immigrated to Sweden, a 2 percent increase from 2007. Immigration from Iraq was down 21 percent from the year 2007, but still remained strong with an estimated 12,000 Iraqis entering Sweden in 2008.

Statistics Sweden estimates that the country’s overall population will reach 9,259,000 by December 31st, 2008, an increase of 76,000 for the year and the largest jump since 1970.

But wait! Things are just not that rosy as it was supposed to be!
Segregation ‘widespread’ for Swedish immigrants : A study released on Thursday by Statistics Sweden (SCB) reports widespread segregation in the fields of education, housing, employment and politics. In 2008, net immigration into Sweden reached record levels, with more than 100,000 people entering the country and projections that the foreign-born population will reach 14 percent by the end of the year.
The report, released on International Migration Day, illuminates how pronounced the differences in living conditions are between native Swedes and the country’s immigrant populations, particularly those born in Africa and Asia. “We have seen that people born in these countries are well behind those born in the EU or other Nordic countries. The differences can be seen in education, the job market, and living arrangements,” SCB’s Lotta Persson told The Local.”
Violent protests by Muslims in the Rosengård district of the Swedish city of Mälmö, after being told that the landlord was not going to renew the lease for the space that has been used as a Mosque for 15 years.
Unrest continues near vacated Malmö mosque
“Tensions in the area were still high as of 12.30am Thursday morning, according to police in Skåne. One man was arrested during the evening on suspicions of preparing to commit assault. Three other men and boys were also detained. The youngest, born in 1992, was taken home to his parents. The police’s main goal for the evening was to ensure that emergency crews could perform their duties and extinguish the fires which continued to burn in the area.More than ten fires were lit over the course of the evening.” More here.
It’s obvious that they are dealing with a Kaffir landlord that doesn’t know about the finer points of Islamic law, once land becomes Muslim, it stays Mulsim. He knows now. KGS

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  1. I would like to say how sorry I am that Sweden has taken this road down the path of no return.

    No turning back now however. They have made their bed and will have to sleep on it even if it becomes as hard as nails. (Ouch!).

    This bed of nails is already creating social dissension and a two class society that inevitably breeds envy and resentment.

    You can’t feel sorry for this lot however – they’ve done it all by themselves to themselves.

    I’ve given up trying to work out the underlying psychology of it all.

    Is it a fundamental death wish or just plain stupidity???

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