Israel Tragedy

Erratic Bus Driver Causes Accident in Israel: 20 Die and Scores Wounded as Bus Tumbles Down Ravine…….

It sounds like a tragedy that should never have been. Driving in Israel is an experience in itself, they have a very Mediterranean way of driving, and that’s puting it mildly. To early to tell what made the driver do what he did, but he clearly is to blame if the eye witness account holds any water. What a shame. KGS

At least 24 killed as tour bus falls into ravine near Eilat
J’lem Post: At least twenty four people were killed and over 20 were injured when a private bus transporting Russian tourists from an airport near Eilat veered off the Mitzpe-Ramon-Eilat road and plummeted into a 60-meter ravine on Tuesday afternoon. Rescue forces reported that all of the passengers in the bus were either killed or injured. All in all, 28 people were hurt in the accident; 20 of them seriously and five moderately. Only three people were lightly injured.

MDA ambulances and three helicopters were evacuating the casualties to Soroka Hospital in Beersheba and Yosephtal Hospital in Eilat. The bus had been headed from Ovda Airport to the southern resort town. Channel 2 reported that people were thrown out of the windows as the bus veered and rolled down into the ravine.

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