Whining Muslim Alert: Hamas leader Dr. Mahmoud Zahar: U.S. Sanctions to Blame for Gaza Crisis…….

No, it could never be the religious supremacist Hamas’ fault that the people of Gaza are all juiced up for jihad, who not only reject the existence of the Jewish state and refuse to recognize all prior agreements signed by the PA with the dreaded “Zionist entity”, they also steadfastly refuse to commit to any kind of real peace with the Israelis. In fact, they work actively to destroy Israel.

So both the US and the EU correctly consider the Hamas a terrorist enterprise, and that there can be nothing worth discussing with them, until they recognize and accept a Jewish state, commit to all agreements signed past, present and future, and stop all acts of aggression.

But what we do hear instead, is a lot of whining by Hamas leader Dr. Mahmoud Zahar about how unfair the US is, as the Hamas’ celebrates its 21 year anniversary as a terrorist-thug run organization. KGS

Haaretz: But we failed to achieve many things in our program because of the incursions, because of the American sanctions. If we had been given a chance, much would have been improved,” he says, “but I am not asking for help from America, because if you are going to ask for American money, you have to pay a price. The price will be from your land, Palestine, from your holy place, Jerusalem, from your dignity. North Korea, Syria, Iran and Venezuela are refusing the argument that if you are going to be in this world you should be a collaborator with America.”

NOTE: Hamas is now saying that the hudna (a temporary truce that is used always to the benefit of Islamic forces) will not be renewed. Click here.

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