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Close Call in Belgium: Terrorist Attack in Brussels Thwarted…….

Tragedy averted, this time. No matter how nice Europe wants to play with the Middle East, it will never be enough for the followers of the jihad ideology. No amount of appeasement by the West will ever be enough for these blood thirsty maniacs, every token of leniency by the West will be taken as a sign of weakness. KGS
Times Online: A potential suicide bomber and 13 other terrorist suspects with links to al-Qaeda were arrested as EU leaders arrived for their summit in Brussels, Belgian police said today. Police raids were staged in Brussels and Liege in eastern Belgium after the authorities intercepted information that a suicide attack had been arranged and a man who arrived in the country last Thursday from Afghanistan or Pakistan had left a martyrdom video after saying farewell to his family, according to federal prosecutor Johan Delmulle.
Mr Delmulle played down suggestions that the gathering of 27 EU leaders in the Belgian capital, including Gordon Brown, was the target but it was clear that the arrests were made to avoid any possiblity of a terrorist strike on the summit. “Intelligence showed that the suspect had received the green light to cary out an operation and that he believed he would not come back,” said Mr Delmulle.
NOTE: No mention of Islam or Muslim in the entire article, must not have been connected to the planned martyrdom. Yeah…riiiight.

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