The Disgrace Called Jimmy Carter…….

Dear Israel, don’t worry, it is I, Jimmy Carter, who is here to save the day, to make things right again, after eight long years of that terrible George W Bush. I alone have the skills needed to take on Hezbollah, and get them to act nicey nicey with you.
Trust me, let me alone with all those heavily bearded, hairy chested men, and I’ll prove that my powers are just to much for them to resist. Just let me at them! With your best interests at heart, Jimmy.


Ynet: Former US president in Lebanon, confirms he would sit down with terror organization’s leaders if they are willing to meet him. Carter was widely criticized for meeting with Hamas’ politburo chief in April during visit to Syria.

Carter made his comments upon arrival in Lebanon where he will assess whether his Atlanta-based Carter Center would take part in monitoring next year’s parliamentary elections.

Asked whether he would meet with Hizbullah officials during his five-day visit, Carter told reporters that it was up to the militant group, which the United States considers a terrorist organization.

“I am going to meet with all of the political parties as possible,” Carter said. “I understand that several leaders of Hizbullah said they were not going to meet with any president or former president of the United States, so I don’t know yet.”

A Hizbullah official told The Associated Press the group had no immediate comment on Carter’s remarks but said it might issue a statement, most likely on Wednesday.”

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  1. This sounds like a guy with time on his hands and no one to waste it with.

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