Vatican Official Discourages Against Christian-Muslim Mixed Marriages, Top Italian Muslim Rep Responds…….

Italian Islamic Council, Ejaz Ahmad: “Mixed marriages do not exist. The so-called mixed marriage with a Muslim, in reality, is a normal marriage. Islam has nothing to do with it.”

A professed secular Muslim, Ejaz Ahmad, is an immigrant Pakistani with a background in journalism, who works in a supermarket as well as operating the monthly newspaper named “Azad”, the only Urdu language newspaper in Italy. Ejaz Ahmad is also a member of the The Islamic Council, an advisory council aimed at developing dialogue between the Italian government and the Muslim community.

Ejaz Ahmad is also married to a non-Muslim woman and says that their children have grown up with both sets of values, Muslim and Christian. On the face of it, where the Ahmad family is concerned, it would then appear that Monsignor Mariano Crociata, Secretary General of The Italian Episcopal Conference (CEI), might be overstating the problem of having mixed marriages, right?

I doubt very seriously, that of all the mixed marriages in Italy, and elswhere for that matter, that there are many situations in which it’s a Christian male married to a Muslim woman. In Islamic tradition, any child fathered by a Muslim is deemed a Muslim, so any woman seeking to marry a Christian man would be greatly discouraged in doing so.

Rome, 5 Dec. (AKI) – A top Muslim representative has responded to remarks by a top Vatican official who said marriages between Muslims and Catholic Christians should not be encouraged. “Mixed marriages do not exist. The so-called mixed marriage with a Muslim, in reality, is a normal marriage. Islam has nothing to do with it,” said Ejaz Ahmad, member of the Italian government’s consultative Islamic Council and representative of Rome’s Pakistani community told Adnkronos International (AKI).

“Marriage with a Muslim can fail, as it can fail with an Italian…cultural differences mean richness and not a threat.””I have known my wife Valentina for more than 18 years and we have been married for 14. Our problems are work, the house and our children’s health and our strengths are both Islam and Catholicism, thus our children are growing with both sets of values.”

Ahmad was responding to a statement by Monsignor Mariano Crociata, the new Secretary General of The Italian Episcopal Conference (CEI), saying that “Mixed marriages with Muslims are not to be encouraged.” “This is the challenge: remain Islamic but integrating yourself in a society that is not majority Muslim. This will ensure the possibility of coexistence,” said Crociata.”

The passing of years brings a return to cultural conditions, social, religious and judicial relations of the place of origin, with sometimes dramatic consequences that can fall on the children,” Crociata continued. However, Crociata also said: “We must ensure that the Muslims present in our country can cultivate their religion in an appropriate way.”

Herein lies the dilemma, if the overwhelming majority (lets say 90-95%) of Muslims believed and lived in much the same way as Ejaz Ahmad, then there would not be a problem with Islam in the modern world today. It’s as simple as that. The Tundra Tabloids would certainly hope that it was, or even could be true, because on the individual level, people are people, with the overwhelming majority of them wanting nothing more than to live normal lives.

But the problems with Islam lies somewhere deeper, for it has shown itself over the centuries to resist the very same changes that Ejaz Ahmad himself calls for. Keeping Islam as a personal faith is very difficult to do if the central message of Islam -to convert the world through pressure or even violent means (Jihad) to Islam- remains unchallenged. The money that funds the Jihad-Ideology against non-Muslims is enormous, with over 80% of Mosques in Italy being in the pocket of the Saudis.

In a recent study, 75% of the mosques in the US contain material that:

  • exhort Muslims to engage in holy war (jihad) against the US;
  • incite terror and violence against the US;
  • call for abolishing the US constitutional form of government and replacing it with the
  • theological totalitarianism of strict Islamic law, known as “sharia.”
It’s a sad but true fact, that Ejaz Ahmad and like minded Muslims face an extraordinary uphill battle to get the majority of the Islamic world to reinterpret both the Koran and the Hadiths. The Islamic world does not take too kindly to having its holy books fiddled with, and will fight any such attempt tooth and nail. Trying to get Islamic leaders to simply declare the Jihad Ideology an out of date concept, that is not compatible with modern norms, will be no easy task, if not impossible.

One good thing going for Ejaz Ahmad, is that he sees the ‘European Islam’ that the silver tongued Islamist, Tariq Ramadan, is promoting, to be nothing more than a thinly veiled Islamist agenda.

Encounter: Ejaz Ahmad: There are many, many people who are interested in integration of Muslims. It is very difficult to take one figure because Islam is not one Islam. Tariq Ramadan is a figure you know a political figure. There are many people which are working, they are not famous. Tariq Ramadan he protect too much Muslims. And I think that it is not need to protect Muslims. It is time to tell Muslims to …. Wake up!

Margaret Coffey: And on this point too, about the charismatic and influential Tariq Ramadan, Abdellah Redouane and Ejaz Ahmad are in agreement.

Margaret Coffey: A pop star he says, who is hiding his Muslim Brotherhood tradition with a modernist jacket, to disguise its archaic and fundamentalist structure!

On that score the Tundra Tabloids is in full agreement Ejaz Ahmad, and it’s just to bad that he faces such an uphill battle with his co-religionists. It’s just to bad that a good, responsible human being like Ejaz Ahmad, who happens to be a model citizen and a secular Muslim, cannot be representative of the overwhelming majority of Muslims. KGS

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