Mumbai Massacre Comes as Shock to a Finnish Woman For More Reasons Than She Bargained For…….

The Tundra Tabloids came across the following story from a source that will have to remain anonymous, and will have to be as ambiguous as possible about the personal details in the story, in order to protect the identity of the persons involved.
A recently divorced woman, who happens to be an acquaintance of a good friend of the Tundra Tabloids, recently told of a very disturbing incident that took place while visiting her ex-husband a Moroccan national living in the city of Helskinki, the capital of Finland.

Over the weekend the woman in question received the shock of her life, while she and her son were visiting with her ex-husband for visitation rights. The woman -most likely just trying to pass time – happened to mention her thoughts about the Mumbai massacre, and her revulsion over what took place. No doubt she never saw it coming.The woman’s ex stated flat out that, “he saw no problem with what took place, and that the attack in Mumbai was justified.”According to the Tundra Tabloid’s source for the story, the woman was speechless and shocked over what she had just heard. She said that her former husband would have never said anything remotely like that in times past, but continued, that she had noticed that he had become increasingly more religious, attending mosque and trying to get their son to read the Koran. Fearing an argument and increased tension, she told her son to fake reading it if possible.The woman said that her son has chosen a Christian identity, so there isn’t any chance that the father’s views will hold sway over him, especially since she has full custody of the child. But what’s of interest to the Tundra Tabloids, is that once again, a western non-Muslim woman who thought she knew her husband, finds out that he’s not the moderate, secular individual she once knew. Instead he has become a true Muslim that views jihad as an acceptable institution, not while living in Morocco, …but in Helsinki. KGS

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