Egyptian Friend of Israel Ali Salem Wins $50,000 Civil Courage Prize…….

Ali Salem, an Egyptian author and playwright, is one of those rare Arabs that not only says he wants peace with Israel, he willing to put his words to action and visit the Jewish state, regulary that is. The man is also a very vocal critic of Muslims who follow the purer path of Islam, some call it radical Islam or Islamism, but essentially its just following to the letter the dictates of Mo.

Anyways, al-Rueters has the following:

LONDON (Reuters Life!) – Egyptian author and playwright Ali Salem, an outspoken critic of radical Islam and a proponent of peace with Israel, won the $50,000 Civil Courage Prize on Wednesday. The 72-year-old has not had a play produced in Egypt since 1994 when he traveled to Israel and wrote a book, “My Drive to Israel,” about his experiences.

Since then, he has visited Israel several times and in 2005 he was awarded an honorary doctorate by Israel’s Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. Salem was expelled from the Egyptian Writers Federation for maintaining contacts with Israelis, and, according to the organizers of the annual award, has endured “campaigns of threats, vilification and censorship.”

“It’s very important on a psychological level, because I’m happy that people see what you do,” Salem told Reuters by telephone, referring to the prize, now in its eighth year. “I’m happy there are people who can evaluate (my work),” he added, speaking in English. He said the prize, awarded by the U.S.-based Train Foundation, recognized both his calls for peace with Israel and his opposition to Islamic extremism.

“They are the same. There is an interrelation between them because the lack of peace in the Middle East will encourage extremism, so there must be a peace.”

But like said in the above, Ali salem is a rare soul in that neck of the woods (or dunes), the purist followers of Mo are always around the corner waiting to snuff out the rational and the reasonable, becuase Mohamed wouldn’t have it any other way. Read up on the Koran. But I wish Salem all the best in the world, and may he turn a few hearts to good before he leaves this world. KGS

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