Saudi Evening Noose…….

Riyadh, 18 Nov. (AKI) – A Saudi civil court has ordered an Asian immigrant to clean mosques next month during this year’s Hajj pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca after religious police caught him skipping Friday prayers several times, Saudi daily al-Watan reports. The man will have to clean five mosques along the highway into Mecca twice daily for eleven days, the court ruled.The Ministry of Islamic Affairs will be tasked with checking if the immigrant obeys the court order. If he fails to do so, the court has warned that he will be tried before a criminal court.
And the next story really drips with poetic justice:
KUWAIT, Nov 18 (KUNA) — Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal on Tuesday called for coordinated international action to combat piracy off Somalia.The minister, in remarks broadcast by Al-Arabia television channel, said the takeover of the Saudi tank by pirates was an act of terror that should be faced with international action.Latest press reports about the Saudi supertanker, hijacked by pirates, indicated that it was anchoring off Somalia.The Sirius Star was the biggest vessel ever hijacked. It was seized in the Indian Ocean off east Africa on Sunday. Somali pirates have recently commandeered several ships and towed them to locations at or off the coast of Somali territories. (end) rq.kd.rk KUNA 181653 Nov 08NNNN

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