Helsingin Sanomat Blames Israel as Truce Unravels With Hamas…….

The Helsingin Sanomat hasn’t changed its spots. I doubt that the Finnish capital’s main newspaper will ever take the charge leveled against it, of institutionalized bias, seriously, instead they just turn up the volume and continue on reporting the same heavily flawed journalism that they’re used to doing. As long as people are willing to buy their rag, they will not take notice of what ails it. It’s that simple.
Tundraman takes a look at what the Helsingin Sanomat has to say today, about the recent escalation of violence between the terrorist organization that runs Gaza, and the Israelis. What Tundraman has to say isn’t pretty, the HS is one heavily biased ‘news’ organization through and through, and today’s AP–REUTERS inspired article is a prime example of how not to report a news story accurately.
Tundraman: Nothing seems to have changed in Helsingin Sanomat’s use of manipulative language to demonize Israel. Today’s report is a case in point. The headline is:
“Clashes tear down cease fire in Gaza. The UN and EU appealed to ease the blockade.”
The report starts with telling about fights between the Israeli army and “Palestinian fighters” (palestiinalaistaistelijoiden) and mentions that “at least one fighter” was killed and another wounded in “the blast” on Saturday. Then comes this crucial passage:
“Tulitauko alkoi repeillä viime viikolla, kun Israelin armeija kertoi iskeneensä taistelijoiden tunneliin. Armeijan mukaan sitä olisi käytetty operaatioon rajan yli – The cease fire began to break up last week when the Israeli army said it had struck a tunnel of fighters. According to the army it had been used for operations across the border”.

Despite the fact that the report then tells that “more than ten fighters have been killed and at least 140 rockets and grenades have been launched into Israel”, the passage above leaves no room for doubt as to who is to blame:
  1. the cease fire started to break down when the ISRAELI ARMY did something,
  2. Hamas is not a terrorist organization but full of “fighters”,
  3. it is only “according to the Israeli army” that the tunnel they destroyed “had been used for operations across the border” , and
  4. whatever it was used for, it was only “operations”.

It cannot be clearer than that.TT: I agree, the report typically leaves out the finer details, down plays the Israelis as a credible source, while accentuating the role Israel plays in trying to stop the Islamonazis from trying abduct its soldiers. For the biased rag, The Helsingin Sanomat, anything that Israel does or doesn’t due, is responsible for any outbreak in violence.The HS also trots out the tired canard that Gaza is running out of supplies, giving the highly politicized faux human rights group, Amnesty International, (of which there is never any criticism they’re human rights group which = good, trustworthy) the opportunity to hype up the situation in order to break the blockade that both Egypt and Israel and the international community is maintaining. The blockade is solely due to the intransigent position taken by Islamist supremacist terrorist group, Hamas, that refuses to recognize Israel as a sovereign Jewish state, and that peaceful negotiations are the only avenue to a two state solutionAll this of course is lost on the Helsingin Sanomat, that would rather depict the situation in Gaza as …dire and near starvation. Yeah right. Notice the dire look of the Gazan Arab searching his cell phone in a local grocery store.

Here is how a factual reporting of the same situation is done, this time by the International Herald Tribune The Helsingin Sanomat could take some lessons from the IHT on how it’s done.

Cease-fire in Gaza Strip unravels

JERUSALEM: Tensions between Hamas, the radical Palestinian rulers of Gaza, and Israel increased markedly on Friday after Hamas fired a barrage of rockets into southern Israel, sending 18 Israelis to the hospital with shock and mild injuries.

Hamas officials said the attack was revenge for the deaths over the past 11 days of 11 militants and the recent increased Israeli closure of Gaza crossings. They said that while they wanted to continue the five-month-old truce with Israel, it seemed to them that Israel did not and if that was the case, Israel would pay the consequences.

Israeli officials, who say they have been keeping the crossings into Gaza shut in retaliation for the rockets, thereby greatly decreasing the supply of supplies and fuel, said it was Hamas that was breaking the truce. Senior Israeli officials met in Tel Aviv on Friday and vowed not to back down from any provocation.

The confrontations, following five months of relative calm, began to spike earlier this month when the Israeli military destroyed a tunnel being dug toward Israel. The army feared that the tunnel would be used to seize an Israeli soldier as a bargaining chip, like Corporal Gilad Shalit, held by Hamas for more than two years.

The Israelis said it was a one-off operation, not a violation of the ceasefire agreed to in June, and asked Egypt to pass that message to Hamas in advance. But six Hamas militants were killed during the tunnel’s destruction, leading Hamas to retaliate with rockets, which led to more closures and operations and then more rockets.

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