The Maligning of the Vlaams Belang: An Exposé by Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs…….

Too much time and effort has been wasted already in countering the smear campaign of the Flemish party, the Vlaams Belang, from a certain ‘supposedly’ anti-Islamization blog. The damage the owner of the blog has tried to inflict upon the Counterjihad /anti-Islamization movement has been minimal, and in the end, will eat away at the credibility of those slinging the mud. It’s already begun, with a host of big named anti-Islamization people openly siding with the European Counterjihad. We are a force to be reckoned with, the others however, are a sinking ship with their life rafts all scattered to the four winds.

Here are some thoughts from my dear friends, Pamela Geller (Atlas), Baron Bodissey (Gates of Vienna) and Diana West and Fjordman, concerning the wrongful smear job of the Vlaams Belang by Little Green Footballs over the past year, with the most recent SMEAR being that the VB is anti-Semitic. Plainly speaking, (and believe me, I’m being more gracious than I should) Charles Johnson is a complete, verifiable Jackass.

Pamela Geller:

I have spent the better part of the afternoon talking with various Jewish members of the clergy, academia and the Jewish community in Antwerp. Respected voices. First off, no one person speaks for the Jews of Belgium. Period. Two Jews, three opinions. One thing is clear, Vlaams Belang is the only party that has gone out of its way to support Israel. No political party in Belgium has supported Israel. Vlaams Belang has been the only party staunchly behind Israel for the past 10 years.

“In the last few years, the Liberal Party has taken into its midst some extremist elements who support Hezbollah and Hamas, while Dewinter is very charming and has been interviewed in Jewish newspapers and he meets with rabbis,” he said. “A lot of Jews are not following the establishment and will vote for him.” said Henri Rosenberg, a chasid and law professor at Catholic University in Holland.

Rosenberg cited instances in which members of parliament from the Liberal Party flew to Syria and “shook hands with [Hezbollah leader Hassan] Nasrallah and then traveled to Palestine. And when Mr. Arafat came to Belgium, he received the red carpet treatment in parliament, while a few weeks later [Israeli Prime Minister Ariel] Sharon came and they did not want him in parliament. So as a face-saving gesture, the president of the parliament invited him to his office. And the only party to object [to Sharon’s treatment] was Dewinter’s.’

Rosenberg added that Dewinter is “a friend of the Jews, and he says Israel is the only democracy in the region and should be supported by the European Union.”(more here)

The latest fallacious argument against Vlaams Belang comes from a Judas. A leftist dhimmi Jewish editor (vanity press) in Antwerp. I have spoken to a number of Jewish rabbis and members of the Jewish communities in Antwerp and they all basically said the same thing. Freilich does not speak for the Jewish community in Antwerp. “Freilich in no way represents the Jewish community in Antwerp”. “The Jewish community does not read his magazine (“and the Orthodox for sure not”). “He has no status in the Jewish community” “He is an extreme fanatic leftist guy”. He speaks for himself. “It’s a one man newspaper”.

Apparently, Freilich ran for office on the Socialist party ticket and lost abysmally.

So I ask you, why should I care what this one dhimmi thinks of Vlaams Belang? I watched 78% of American Jews vote for the jihad candidate – no one can speak for the Jews as a whole. Further, many of the Jews I spoke to Antwerp did not consider VB anti-semitic.

Filip DeWinter does not need the Jewish vote. There are 25,000 Jews in Antwerp (many of which cannot vote because they are imported) out of a population of one million in broader Antwerp and DeWinter loses many more votes among the electorate because of his “charming support of the Jews”. “The Jews have no relevance in the vote.” And yet he continues to staunchly defend them and Israel. This is, IMAO, a man of character. He is always asked on Belgium television why he is against the Muslims and yet supports “Hasidim Jews”.

TT: So once again, Charles Johnson uses far Lefty sources to malign the Vlaams Belang. A strong pattern has been observed, and it leaves one to conclude that either the proprieter of LGF is a complete naive stooge/moron, or a willing tool for the European hard Left. It’s either or.

Fjordman observes:

“Europeans have learned the wrong lessons from Nazism, not the right ones. For instance, the European Union is now actively and deliberately promoting Islamic immigration to Europe by the tens of millions, knowing fully well that they will gradually displace the original inhabitants of the continent. Indeed, they desire this. They also know that the people who move in have a culture of extreme anti-Semitism and despise Christianity, just like the Nazis did. Eurabianism has disturbing similarities with Nazism in some ways and with Communism in others.
The EU is promoting lebensraum for a new master race in Europe, just like the Nazis did. They just disagree on which master race to promote. The resurgence of violent anti-Semitism in Europe is directly caused by the policies of the European Union and the national political elites in Belgium and elsewhere. To hear them denounce others as “Fascists” or “anti-Semites” is the ultimate fraud. We do have powerful Fascists in Europe today; it’s called the European Union.”
TT: We all know who the real Fascists are, they come with their big socialist sticks a swinging, and their multicultural plans of forcible colonization of indegenous European populations by people who have shown an open resentment and ideological/religious hatred towards Jews. And Charles Johnson is their stooge, toy boy in the US, helping to spread their propaganda in the States, in order to cause, otherwise, friendly allies to stay away, and for the rest to lose heart.

Baron Bodissey:

Vlaams Belang is being held to a ridiculously high standard of evidence that no other mainstream European political party has to meet. No other party — not the Socialists, the Christian Democrats, the Communists — has to publicly refute and disprove every bizarre lunatic accusation made by dishonest shills with a partisan axe to grind.

Other parties can ignore wild-eyed accusations from the fringe. But let someone allege a VB Nazi salute or a VB neo-Nazi book fair, and Vlaams Belang is presumed guilty until it proves itself innocent — which it never really can.Then the next day there is another bogus accusation, and the whole farce begins all over again.So when one of these Yelloman or EXPO types issues yet another VB smear, we are “troubled” and “concerned” and hope that Vlaams Belang will “refute these accusations”.

– – – – – – – –

Why waste our time with these endless refutations? They suck up thousands of man-hours, achieving nothing. So far all we have seen is the same spurious junk recycled and repackaged for next round of “revelations”. Once again, no other European party is forced to dance the “We’re-not-Nazis” two-step every day of the week. Only Vlaams Belang.

The hard Left has orchestrated this little game, and we are suckers for falling into their trap. They have us right where they want us — chasing all these Nazi spectres down dark alleys to try to make them disappear. Every day the leftists release another one from their patented Nazi Spectre Generator™, and off we go a-haring after it.

For the sake of people I care about, I will do what I can to aid the process of refutation. But I think it’s a mug’s game.

In my opinion, Vlaams Belang proved its bonafides face-down and surrounded by jackboots in Schuman Square on September 11th, 2007. That was good enough for me. We could see quite clearly who the real “Nazis” were in that charming tableau.

TT: The Baron exposes the exact same kind of hypocricy towards the VB that the Tundra Tabloids has mentioned time and again on this website. We see mainstream European parties with hands openly outstretched to anti-democratic movements throughout the ME, sworn enemies of a fellow democracy, Israel, yet no one even blinks an eye.

These soft headed anti-VB voices give not one shred of thought nor care about the humanitarian racism exhibited and practiced by Europe’s mainstream political parties, which allows them to be excited over Hamas’ and Hezbollah’s so called ‘pragmatism’, than to treat them as the genocidal, religious supremacists that they really are.

Talk about the blind leading the blind.

Diana West:

Baron Bodissey of the Gates of Vienna has posted tonight about the evil and ongoing campaign of character assassination against Filip Dewinter and his Flemish secessionist, anti-Islamization party Vlaams Belang in Belgium. Having interviewed Dewinter on several separate occasions–a couple of times in Antwerp last summer, once in Washington last year–I only wish the US had candidates of his strength, purpose and calibre. I know of no American politician who understands the historic sweep of the jihad as Dewinter does, and who is so forthright, outspoken and active in his stand against it. As far as the completely spurious and thoroughly deranged charges against him of anti-Semitism and crypto-Nazism go, they are, well, spurious and thoroughly deranged. Last summer I asked him to explain his stand against Islamization. He replied:

“It’s a global struggle for our values, for our European way of life life, for our civilization. That’s why I think it is also a European struggle; that is, It’s not only about a mosque two blocks away—no! It’s about our survival as a European nation and as a civilization. And I recognize those values, that civilization, also over there in Israel. It’s the only country in occupied territory, the vanguard of Europe in occupied territory, that is sharing those same values. And that’s why it’s so important to support Israel.”

I asked him to expland on the term “occupied territory.” What he meant, he told me, was not at all the conventionally Leftist and loaded meaning–territory occupied by Israel since Israel’s 1967 war of survival against her Arab jihadist neighbors. No, what he meant was territory occupied by Islam since the Muslim wars of conquest and expansion began more than 1,000 years ago. Such lands include Northern Africa, Asia Minor, and the Middle East–all of which used to be mainly Christian and other faiths, including, where Israel is concerned, of course, Jewish.

Pretty darn terrific, if you ask me.

TT: There is nothing to the charges that LGF keeps on reguritating at the behest of Belgium’s very hard and soft Left, and to all LGF’rs who read this post, if I were you, I would be wondering why a supposedly Israel-friendly blog that Charles Johnson’s LGF purports itself to be, is taking his marching orders from people who would like nothing better than to see the state of Israel rot and a Muslim state rise in its place.

Go ponder that one for awhile. KGS

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