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Germany: Federal Post Refuses to Deliver Mail of Right-Wing Group, Pro-Köln…….

The freedom of speech, either we have it or we don’t. The German postal carrier, Deutsche Post, has opted for the latter, in its refusal to deliver mail to the anti-Islamization group, Pro-Köln.

According to a YLE radio broadcast, I have yet to find a link to it online, the Finnish state TV and Radio YLE, reports:

YLE: “The German postal carrier has refused to deliver the mail of what is considered to be a nationalist far right-wing group. The incident has awakened debate about the borders for the freedom of expression and the postal department’s choice to deliver based on the content of the sender’s mail.

Their hotel reservations and convention halls are canceled, restaurants refuse to wait on them, taxis drive on by and right now the German postal service refuse to deliver their magazines. There is no end to what the Germans think about the far Right-wing party and those who are known who run it. The latest round was achieved in Köln, when the post refused to deliver Pro-Köln magazines to five elected members of the city hall.

The reason given was that the contents of the mail were, according to Deutsche Post, anti-Islamic and insulting of the mayor of Köln. Pro-Köln, which is labeled as ‘far Right-wing’ are well known to be sharply against the building of the Great Mosque in Köln, and the Christian Democrat mayor as a great supporter of it.

The incident has created a lively discussion of the right of the Postal service to deliver or not to deliver according to the political content. Many are asking about the ramifications, such as whether telecommunications will cut off the phone service if the conversations do not conform to their view of the world. There have been many different kinds of boycotts taken against far Right-wing groups in Germany.”

I’ll bet you a fist full of dollars or Euros, that the anti-Fascist Fascists of ANTIFA won’t ever become the target of such a boycott, because they enjoy the protection of the state.

The powers that be, think that they alone know what’s is good for us, and will determine what we are to hear, to see and to think. Just yesterday the Tundra Tabloids reported that the Finnish state will hold ‘reeducation courses’ for all newly elected politicians to city councils, on what is good speech and what is bad.

When looking on how far western freedoms have been scaled back in such a short time, one could be forgiven if he claimed to hear the barbarians touching their knives to the sharpening stone, while the rest of society debates whether free speech includes the right to offend. We deserve our fate. KGS
NOTE: The audio report is available here.
H/T: Kumitonttu

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  2. I hear the plea from my reasoned readership…and obey. I have removed a few HTML java scripts from the Y`TT, it should load more quickly now.

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