Another Reason to Divest From Saudi Oil…….

The sooner the West reduces it need for Middle Eastern oil, the sooner Western politicians will no longer find it necessary to mouth ridiculous, irrational platitudes about Islam, and the followers of Mo.
IslamOnline: “Bush dismissed notions of Islamophobia behind America’s current stance in the Middle East and Iraq and spoke of his respect for Islam and Muslims. Muslims and Christians pray to the same God, Bush said, vehemently denying reports that portray him as a person against Islam and Muslims. Bush portrayed himself as a friend and an ally of Arab governments who support peace.”
Oh puhleeeze!
Name me an Arab government that really supports peace, go ahead, name me one, and I’ll print your comment on the front page of the TT! Remember, it’s not just mere words of an Arab government that will prove your case, it’s got to be backed up by both words and deeds.
When has any Arab government ever openly criticized another Arab/Muslim state for supporting antisemitic dogma, regardless of whether it’s from their own religious texts, or from their state funded propaganda departments? When has an Arab government ever criticized or even condemned a fellow OIC member state for its treatment of its Christian minority?
The above statements uttered by US President, GW Bush, can’t be taken seriously by any rational, free thinking individual that values history and intellectual honesty. No matter how well intentioned his thoughts may be, they’re nonetheless foolish, misguided and not worth considering.
The need to reduce our dependence on Muslim oil is paramount, if we are ever to regain our sovereignty from the House of Saud. The amount of knee bending towards Riyadh (not Mecca) by our politicians is frightening, and it needs to be stopped. Opening the fuel pumps to alternative fuels is one step in reducing the Saudi stranglehold on our economy, and keeping our politicians out of their pockets. KGS

Via the Sheik.

NOTE: Also worth remembering is that: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS ISLAMOPHOBIA

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