Finnish Election TV Debate Turns Into Smear Campaign Against Right-Wing Party…….

Folks, whether it’s in the US or here in Europe, the Leftist media is in the tank.

Finnish MTV3 conducted a televised political debate last night, with leaders participating from all the top political parties fielding candidates for next week’s municipal elections in Finland. In what seemed to be just another boring point-counterpoint trade off between the candidates and the moderators of the debate, quickly turned into a heated exchange concerning the supposed “racism” of some of the candidates running for the Perussuomalainen party (True Finns). First create a strawman, then knock it downThe Swedish People’s Party leader, Stefan Wallin (RKP), as well as both MTV3 moderators, Timo Haapala and Matti Maunu must have had a mutual understanding before the event, or at least it appeared as much, since they waited until the very end of the debate to bring it up. What started the heated exchange (rare in Finnish politics) was a question directed to Stefan Wallin, Chairman of the Swedish People’s Party (RKP), concerning a couple of PS candidates involvement in “racism”, bringing up the Astrid Thors interview where she made the same baseless claims.Walin said: “Astrid Thors had valid reasons to be worried, she has been moving around Helsinki and has become aware of things that got her worried. A lot of cruel things had been said and would Timo Soini condemn the statements made by these persons.”Timo Soini: “The PS party does not hate anybody, and take the view that anyone coming to Finland should intergrate themselves, obey its laws, work, pay the same taxes and enjoy the same benefits as everyone else. It’s only natural that people get upset when they are waiting in line for a long time for an apt., and someone else (a foreigner) gets a head of the line priveledge, of course people will get angry and bitter. These issues shoudl be openly talked about, and that’s what the PS has done. The candidates have been placed and the people decide who they will vote for, and we do not hate immigrants, we also have immigrants as candidates.”But that’s not what Walin was referring to, Soini was soon to find out.Haapola: But lets first take a look at one of the PS’s candidates from Turku, Jiri Keronen (who has commented here at the TT), we have been looking at his blog. Keronon defend the right to be critical against Islam, with the following words: people have the right to say I hate niggers, kikes and ruskies because it’s their own free expression.”Matti Maunu: “And he said that people have the right keep a Nazi flag on their patios.”Not all is what it seems to beRemember folks, this is the media, do you really think they got it right? Really? Now, what appears to be at first glance an open and shut case of intolerance and hateful rhetoric by a political candidate running for office, is actually something cherry picked from a philospohical discussion on the irrational, illogical actions of a supposed moral society.

In “Nazi symbols are not illegal in Finland, but moral stupidity is“, PS candidate Jiri Keronen blogged about a situation which was covered by the Helsingin Sanomat, which involved someone flying the highly offensive flag of National Socialism. The Swastika had been flying from this guy’s apartment patio for some time, and people were justifiably sick of it. I would have been as well.
But what Keronon was alluding to was the vigilante mob’s participation, as someone climbed up to the patio of where the disgusting flag was flying (I am disgusted about the flag of international socialism as well) and ripped it down, which was an illegal act.
Now as disgusting as the flag is, the flying of that flag was a legal freedom of expression, the fact that the HS was cheerleading the act only added spice to the cake. The whole point to Jiri Keronen’s post was just to highlight the point, that judicial law is very precise, some things are illegal, some things are not.
Acts that involve people destroying personal & public property is a criminal act, and free speech laws that allow the flying of flags and the use of hateful descriptives, is legal, no matter how disgusting and hurtful they may. That was the point to Keronen’s post, nothing more, nothing less. But the debate moderators had something else in mind, they wanted to use the last few minutes of the televised broadcast to score a couple of extra points at the expence of the Perussuomalainen party. Talk about a partisan media.
I believe that Timo Soini handled himself very well under the circumstances, but this serves as a very stark reminder of just how wedded the media is with the Socialists’ multicultural enterprise. They are clearly in lock step with each other, as well as knowing how to provide that “one two” punch when they need it, especially towards the end of a long debate.
The whole episode was concocted to help propogate a myth that the PS is a bunch of racists pandering to skin head types who hate foreigners. The media was in the tank with the Swedish Peoples Party, and they owe Jiri Keronen a major apology for making the whole thing up and slandering his name. This is the real outrage. KGS

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