Turkish Embassy in Finland Target in Arson Attempt…….

Early this morning around 3:00 am, four Kurds living in Finland set the door of the Turkish embassy in Helsinki, ablaze with Molotov cocktail. The Finnish police are describing it as an act of vandalism, while the Finnish state news organization YLE, labeled the attack as “defacement”.

“The embassy’s door was substantially burned. By the time the rescue department arrived to put out the flames, the fire had spread to the building’s interior,” told Jussi Huhtela, the commissioner on duty, to YLE. “

There was a Kurdish demonstration outside the same building yesterday, and already four men in their twenties have been arrested. It would be tempting to desrcibe the politically inspired act of violence as an act of terrorism, but the principle players are not known to have belonged (that we know of) to a group that espouses terrorism as a tool. But one thing is clear, if the building suffered even more damage, these four would be viewed by the police in a different light.

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