Swedish Jihadi Killed in Iraq by US Forces…….

Swedish jihadist bites the dust in Iraq. It appears that the Swedish Security Service has been keeping an eye on the guy since the 90’s. No clue yet to his original nationality, the Swedish press thus far have not reported on it. The Local: A 43-year-old Swedish citizen has been killed by US forces in Iraq. The man died at the beginning of October and is suspected of having led an Islamist network, according to the Swedish Security Service (Säpo).[…]“We’ve known about the man since the 199s. He’s suspected of having led an Islamist network which has supported terrorism in Afghanistan, Iraq, and North Africa,” said Säpo spokesperson Tina Israelsson to the TT news agencyAmong other activities, the network is believed to have sent jihadist volunteer fighters to Iraq, with the man having used Sweden as a base of operations.And there is every reason to believe that there are more of these jihadists in Sweden, known and unbeknown to the Swedish Security Service. Finland has had its own jihadists as well, Somalis as well as ethnic Finnish reverts. KGS H/T: Kumitonttu

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