CNN Interview: Jon Voight Needles Journalist Over Partisan Media…….

Jon is of course right. What else can best explain the US media’s total lack of interest in the highly news worthy facts concerning B.Hussein Obama’s relations with a still unrepentant terrorist, Bill Ayers.

If not for the conservatives’ outrage over the Obama’s racist pastor, Jerry Wright, the US media would have given that “hot one” a pass as well. The US media did touch on it to some extent, but being partisan as they are, the story quickly faded into the night.

Jon Voight is an honest man, he doesn’t pretend to be someone with all of the answers, he is however someone very anxious for some truth telling. The CNN reporter giving the interview was caught with his pants dangling around his ankles, and couldn’t give an effective truthful answer to Jon, that speaks louder than anything he could have said in defence of his profession.

Take it away Jon! KGS

Ol’ wild Bill has no regrets. What a piece of scum, and to think that Obama associated himself with useless piece of driftwood, even accepting an invitation to speak at Ayers’ home while running for the state senate, because, “in Chi-town, that how we do business”.No, this is not a guilt-by-association smear campaign -though his supporters would like to frame it as being one- but a factual depiction of a man running for president, who lied about his relationship with the man. Obama’s “I hardly even knew him” excuse doesn’t wash with the facts, nor does his defense that “I can’t blamed for the activities committed by someone when I was just a young kid. As the TT has already proven, Ayers is an unrepentant terrorist, and yet Obama chose to schmooze with him. KGS

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