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  1. Dear Sir,

    Our publishing company "Les Editions du Cherche-Midi" (France) is currently working on a book project entitled "L'Europe à la carte" directed by Jean-Christophe Bas, UN Strategic Partnerships Manager for the Alliance of Civilizations.

    We are very interested in the illustration representing the character of Burns in the cartoons The Simpsons, with a European flag in the background, which is part of our selection, and would be very pleased to be able to publish it in our book. Please find link :

    This book will be composed of about fifty maps and illustrations of Europe, which will be commented by international diplomats, politicians and key figures exposing their vision of Europe.

    The book will be edited in France up to 3000 copies in French language, and will be distributed in France (Retail price : about 25 euros, 224 pages).

    Could you please infrm us on how to get the permission to publish this illustration, and whether you could send it to us with a 300 DPI resolution ?

    We are looking forward to hearing from you.


    Véronique Pret

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