Atlas Interviews Lars Hedegaard on Europe’s Future…….

Atlas: Hedegaard says the population changes in Europe are irreversible, that nation states will be an empty shell …. “If you think of Europe’s future, “Europe is forever changed”.” L.Hedegaard

Stark words but a needed dose of reality. Over at Front Page.com, Jamie Glazov interviews a modernist Muslim, Hasan Mahmud, the Director of Sharia Law at the Muslim Canadian Congress, who is waging his own campaign Islamic law, Sharia, in the West. Mahmoud states that:

Mahmoud: Sensible Muslims always rejected it (sharia) for its content and spirit. Many of its laws are against women, non-Muslims, justice, logic and reason. In spirit it is not a benign law-system; it is the malignant inspiration of creating global theocracy. It launched an informal permanent war against the world’s non-Muslims. The Sharia-Gurus know that we are able to prove how deceptive and fraudulent the institution of Sharia Law is. That is why they turn down all our requests of public discussion. By the way, “Guru” (teacher) is a respectable word.

FP: Is the West losing badly?

Mahmud: Well, the West has not lost, it is only passing through a phase. True that it is experiencing a deadly Trojan horse, but the West is more than laws. Given that nothing is perfect, the West has tremendous strength in terms of science, technology, knowledge, morality and human rights, all protected by the enormous umbrella of freedom – freedom of thought and expression, freedom to research everything including divinity, freedom to disagree and dispute, freedom to change or leave religion and freedom to offend.

This is diametrically opposite to the spirit of Sharia Law – which has fragmented Muslims forever. No jurist Imam wanted it, nor did they allow their personal research to be enacted as State Law or claimed divinity. Documents tell us who killed Imam Shafi’i, who did not spare even Ka’aba and built four arenas in its four corners for separate prayers of four schools of Sharia LawFP: How can Islamization be stopped?Mahmud: Not Islam but Political Islam is the problem and it can be stopped. Scholars have already identified its strengths and weakness and socio-political forces are working on it. I stress on the most crucial element of this war that we must expose the fraud of the institution of Sharia Law to Islam. We have enormous resource to do this. We need to detach the common good Muslim-mass from Sharia Law.”

Though the Tundra Tabloids applauds the sincerity of Hasan Mahmoud and what he has thus far achieved, “playing a vital role in the successful movement against the Toronto Sharia Court”, it is however prudent to remind everyone, that sharia law, sprung from the interpretation of the Qur’an, and following the examples of the prophet of Islam. Islam gave birth to sharia.

That is why many devout Muslims emphatically stress that Islam is sharia, and sharia is Islam. If he is able to divorce the two from each other, more power to him, but it’ll take an immense tidal wave of Muslim support to get to the heart of the problem, which led to the anti-democratic institution of sharia. The Qur’an itse´lf, Hadiths and Sura.

I also find Mahmoud’s comment “Show the world that a peaceful interpretation of Islam always existed and that majorities Muslims still follow it.” to be nothing more than wishfull thinking. Fine, if he can manage to pass that version off as the truth, and win the day, more power to him. But I believe that he is guilty of wanting not only his cake, but the right to eat it as well.

The Tundra Tabloids believes that it’s imparitve for Islam to be confronted with the factual history of the damage it has caused throughout the centuries. Anti-Semitism is the corner stone of the Qur’an and the murder of the unbeliever its solemn right as a believer. Mahmoud is casting only half a glance at damage Islam’s madman of a prophet has caused for future generations.

But I wish him all the luck possible, for he surely is going to need it. KGS

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