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Finnish Politician: We Need to Make More Babies in Finland…….

On Finnish state TV’s YLE morning program (in Finnish, start at 15:00), Auli Kangasniemi states that “Finland needs children, we have to make it feasable for young parents to be able to have children.”

This is one of those rare moments when a politician dares to speak the truth.

Kangasniemi provides an answer to the official government claim that, “our because our ever increasing elderly population is exceeding the Finnish birth rate, we need to increase immigration.

Of course, a reasonable amount of immigrants -from non-Muslim countries- who plan to intergrate themselves, or if they choose to do so, assimiliate themselves, is very welcome indeed. I don’t think that Kangasniemi’s plan is too far fetched, though some might balk at the tax money being used to promote baby making, it’s better then being colonized in the same way as in the Netherlands.

If the Finnish government would prefer a lessening of the tax burden for Finnish couples intending to increase the birth rate in Finland, it would be a very big incentive, as well as promoting healthy patriotism. If we don’t raise our own numbers, then we will be forcing ourselves into a position similar to that of Norway.

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