Paul Newman, Rest in Peace…….

Paul Newman 1.26.25 – 09.26.08

I have always admired Paul Newman, as both an exceptional actor and as an admirable person. Whether it was making movies, racing, politics or family life, Newman always came across as a honorable person, with a strong moral code. In short, the man was a class act.
Also worth knowing and raising a glass to, is the fact that Paul Newman built a business empire that has generated over 200 million dollars in profits. The man has never made a dime off of it, with all the profits going to charities and programs that were of special interest to him.
His “Newman’s Own brand” business enterprise continues to fund recreation camps for children and a facility that publicizes the dangers of alcohol and drugs. How nice is that!
Rest in peace Paul, you were one of a kind. KGS

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