Cologne Airport: German Police Board Plane and Arrest Two Muslim Terrorist Suspects…….

Thanks to Tundra Tabloid commentor “nseaprotector” for alerting the Tundra Tabloids about the two Muslim men being arrested on terrorism related charges.

Nseaprotector: “Speaking of Cologne: German police special forces have just arrested two suspected islamic terrorists this morning, in a KLM plane ready to take off from Cologne Bonn airport. The story might be worth following. I guess the Köln-tolerance is paying off finally… (*sarcasm off*)greetings, nseaprotector.”

COLOGNE, Germany (al-AP) – German police boarded a plane at Cologne airport and arrested two terrorist suspects Friday just before the plane took off for Amsterdam. A 23-year-old Somali man and a 24-year-old German man born in Somalia were arrested before the KLM flight left the airport, a spokeswoman for North Rhine-Westphalia state police said. Police spokeswoman Katharina Breuer told The Associated Press that officers boarded the plane at 6:55 a.m. (0455 GMT) and arrested the men without incident. She said authorities do not think the men planned to abduct the flight.

Germany’s top-selling Bild newspaper, citing police sources, said the men had been under observation for months and a suicide note was found in their apartment saying that they wanted to die for the “jihad” or “holy war.” Breuer would not disclose how authorities knew the men would be on board. A KLM spokeswoman told NOS news in the Netherlands that police boarded the Fokker 50 jet when it was at its “point of departure” and grabbed the two suspects. She said all other passengers aboard KLM Flight 1804 were then forced to leave the plane.

“Then a ‘baggage parade’ took place to see if the two passengers who were taken by the police had bags with them,” the spokeswoman said. She said the plane took off after an hour delay and landed at Schipol airport in the Netherlands without further incident. The Dutch anti-terror chief warned earlier this month that the country remains one of the top targets for Islamic terrorist groups because of publicity surrounding a lawmaker’s anti-Islam film.

The National Coordinator for Combating Terrorism said in a report the film “Fitna” by lawmaker Geert Wilders has made the country a “preferred target.” Fitna set Koranic texts against a background of violent images, which the agency said “is considered a major insult and provocation” by terrorist groups.

Notice that the Dutch anti-terror chief pimps the faulty logic that, Western actions are to blame for the Islamic terrorism directed against it. Nothing could be more removed from the truth. No matter what the West does, the Islamonazis will continue to poke and prod until they finally get one of their Islamokazis through the security net to murder people.

Just like the Muslim terrorists in the West Bank and Gaza who continually test Israel’s security system for holes, so does the international jihad. The police anti-terrorism chief is just fooling himself and others with such thinking. Tt’s not what we do or don’t do that matters, it’s the fact that we are not like them, is reason enough for the jihadis to try and kill us.

Think about it, Mulsims have just witnessed thousands of ANTIFA blackshirts and ilk, filling the streets of Cologne to protest “Islamophobia”, and this is how the followers of the “madman” from the Saudi Arabian desert thank them. The TT is not surprised one bit, nor should you be. KGS

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