German Police Lay Down Their Responsibilities: A Personal Account of Rally in Köln…….

A Counterjihad member, AMDG was at the Pro-Köln rally and gives a first hand accounting on what took place. There can be no doubt that the police were working in tandem with the Antifa thugs in blocking a legal rally. German democracy is in tatters. Not only did these thugs attack people, –two Jews, (one with a kippa) became targets of the crowd and were beaten- but their violence was being sanctioned by the state. A familar trend throughout the EU. Here is La Yijad en Europes’s posting of what happened.

Police let the Antifas do their own job, much easier that way. meinen Offizieren.

A personal account of yesterday’s demo in Köln: Antifas block access to a demo: “We are the authority”. German police lines behind them.

Posted on Septiembre 21st, 2008 por AMDG

Please note that this is just a personal account about my experience of the visit to Cologne yesterday, Saturday 20 September 2008. I do not write about the events on the day before, nor on the blocking of De Winter and other participants in the airport.

* * * * *
My colleague A [I will use initials as I do not know whether the persons mentioned want to be identified] and I arrived at 10:30 in Cologne. We had gone by car and parked to the other side of the river in Deutz neighbourhood (to the right in the map attached). Please note that the name of the tram-underground station is Deutzer Freiheit, which means the Deutz Freedom. This is very ironical. There is no more freedom in Germany, or in Cologne, or in Deutz of course. I am afraid that only a miracle could save us, or a very severe economic crisis that wakes up the citizens.

Our original plan was to cross the river and reach the Heumarkt, which was just to the other side. I phoned G, who I was going to meet, and who was already at Heumarkt. I was utterly naïve indeed thinking that I could meet her on the spot: there was no way to cross the river. The tram connexion was cancelled and the bridge was blocked by a line of antiriot police (we would later see in the afternoon, when we were able to cross it back, that it was full of police vans). Furthermore, the bridgehead was taken by some 100 or 200 “antifas”. I think that there could be around 5000 in total, including fellow travellers and Gutmensch. Please note that all the figures given are my own non-expert estimations.We took a picture to a banner, and then tried to make some portraits of the antifas, but they told us unfriendly not to do it. The antifas were the usual brainless scum that you can expect. All in black, most with sunglasses and many with the collar or the hood of the pullover covering their mouth or head. I took some pictures of the groups from a safe distanceRead and see a lot more pics here. KGS

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