Cologne Germany Leftist Fascism

The Proud Mayor of Köln Germany…….

The CDU’s Köln Mayor, Fritz Schramma and his new buds. Lets see if he joins Antifa in their fight against capitalism as well. (Edit: though it’s a Photoshop, it’s more than real) KGS

The Brussels Journal quotes Fritz the Schwarma:

“Mayor Schramma said today’s events were “a victory for the city of Cologne and a victory by the democratic forces in this city.” Armin Laschet, minister for minorities in North Rhine-Westphalia state, who is also a Christian-Democrat, was equally jubilant. He said it was the first time an entire German city “stood up to protect its Muslims.”

Actually, it was to stick up for a coveted voting base. Lets see how Köln’s Muslims stick up for its non-Muslims once they become the chief power players in the city. KGS

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