Tzipi Livni ‘Stunned’: Celebrates Hollow Victory…….

The new leader of the Kadima party, Tzipi Livni, is celebrating a very narrow win over her main rival, Shaul Mofaz, but just barely.

Livni is “stunned” over the announcement by Mofaz to take a hiatus from political life after losing the close election by only 431 votes. According to the J’lem Post, the situation between the two Kadima candidates could be explained due, in part, to the Kadima election committee’s decision to:

“keep polling stations open an extra half hour, the disqualification of a polling station in Rahat and the fact that media outlets began publishing exit polls predicting Livni’s win 15 minutes before the polls closed.”

According to the J’lem Post article, the community of Rahat is known as a strong base of support for Mofaz, and the fact that 430 of their votes were disqualified has left many with very bitter sentiments towards not only the party, but towards Livni herself. Likud’s party leader, Binyamin Netanyahu is demanding that elections be called, which would favor the right-wing party, due to voter dissatisfaction with both Kadima and Labour.

Lets face facts. Tzipi Livni’s election win for the top spot in the Kadima party does not elicit any confidence to the voting public at large, if the Kadima party can’t convincingly throw its weight behind either candidate, it’s very unlikely that the average voter will come out in strong numbers to support a very weak candidate such as Livni in national elections.

Israel has already had a female Prime Minister, in Golda Meir, so the electricty generated in US elections over Sarah Palin will not cross over into Israeli politics, if elections are in fact, actually called for, and they should be. If you think that Mahmoud Abbas is a weak, ineffectual leader of the Palestinians, Tzipi Livni is his mirror image. KGS

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