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Iranian Sleaze Monkey Due to Speak In New York While US VP Candidate Palin is Denied…….

This is disgusting. How much longer before the average US citizen says enough is enough, and begin to denounce those that would (a) deny others the right to speak their minds, and (b) keep them from doing something that would help save the Jewish people from another holocaust at the hands of the Iranian Sleaze Monkey.

Pamela over at Atlas Shrugs is seething with justifiable anger, over the fact that Democrats have pressured key organizers of an anti-Ahmadinejad protest that is set to take place in New York city this coming Monday. Also worth noting is the fact that Hillary Clinton withrew herself from the even as well, because Palin was invited to speak.

It looks like Democrat politics outweighs the defense of Jews, so the next time you pull the lever in an US presidential election, think about who puts conviction first and partisan party politics second. Personally, I hope that Palin goes to the event anyway, even though she won’t be able to speak. Listen to Atlas speaking about the event, as well as interviewing Robert Spencer. KGS

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