Desmond Tutu Should Remove His Collar When he Openly Lies in Public……!

This is what happens when you mix a complete ignoramus with Palestinian/Left wing propaganda:

YNET: “Palestinians are paying the price of the West’s guilt over the Holocaust through its failure to pressure Israel to reach a just and lasting peace.”

The charge is laughable on its face. The Arab leader in Palestine during WWII, Grand Mufti Haj al-Husseini, was involved with Hitler’s plan to exterminate Jews, not only in Palestine should the Germans prove to be victorius, but was also charged by the Nazis to requite Bosnian Muslims for the Nazis SS division, the Hanjar troopers,:

“which ended up slaughtering 90% of Bosnia’s Jews and burned countless Serbian churches and villages.”

That’s the danger unanswered propaganda presents to the public discourse, old hand-me-down lies are publicly regurgitated by useful stooges like Desmond Tutu, who is lying through his teeth about an important part of world history. And the sad thing is, he does it willingly without blinking an eye. Drop in the waste basket anything this guy says, he’s an empty suit as well as a disgusting creep, and is most certainly, no “man of the cloth”. He sends chills up the spine. KGS

Desmond Tutu, this week’s recipient of the Tundra Tabloids Giant Turd award.

UPDATE: More reasons why Tutu is not someone who can be trusted with any fact finding missions, the man can’t simply can’t keep himself from lying and moralizing both sides in the conflict. He should re-aquant himself with the Just War doctrine, which the Geneva Conventions are based upon.H/T: Baron Bodissey UPDATE: The Simon Wiesenthal Center fires back at Desmond Tutu: J’Lem Post: It is not the criticism of Israel that’s been muted. It is the absence of any criticism directed at the Arab world that has been muted,” said Hier in a statement released Friday. “If Bishop Tutu is looking for bias, let him direct his attention at the United Nations, where 57 Muslim countries have paralyzed the General Assembly, preventing it from dealing with the single most important issue of our time – international terrorism – and never allowing it to issue a single condemnation against Hamas, Hizbullah, or the suicide attacks perpetrated by Islamic fundamentalists,” he continued.In response to Tutu’s claim that the West had not been vocal enough over Israel’s flaws, Hier pointed out that the Jewish state’s legitimacy has been questioned since its creation and has been the target of bias like no other country. The Wiesenthal Center called on Tutu to “rise to the occasion and direct his remarks against Arab fixed intransigence and fanaticism, which is the only reason peace has not come to the Middle East.”

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