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Cologne Slated to Hold Anti-Islamization Conference…….

The proposed building of the Cologne Mosque is the catalyst for the Anti-Islamization Conference that is set to convene this weekend in Cologne. The central focus of the conference is on negating Islam’s impact on Germany, and on the EU level as well.

The EU political elites simply refuse to face facts. Instead of intelligently and rationally discussing the issue of EU immigration policies, that focus almost exclusively on Muslim immigration to solve its labour shortages, they draw behind their ivory towers and simplistically point their fingers and shout ..”racist”. It’s a totally disingenuous way to hold any kind of debate on Europe’s future.

But wait! They are not intending on holding any kind of debate on Muslim immigration, none at all, anyone caught bringing the subject up, is quickly vilified as a racist. See how easy it is, no muss no fuss, once slapped with the tarring brush of “racist or xenophobe”, you’re simply screwed, banned as a reasonable public speaker for life, because the “elite” has spoken. How Soviet is that?

There is of course a danger that real racists, -those who focus exclusively on race and ethnicity as the litmus test for a person or group’s acceptance in society- of climbing on board the anti-Islamization band wagon. But the real danger is, of course, that the multicultural elite will use them, as a means to further shut down ANY OR ALL public debate on their insane immigration policies.

What has been needed, but denied, is a honest attempt by our political elites to address chief concerns the populace has about unfettered immigration policies that the EU has enacted, without any appeal to the public for its support or disapproval. In short, it’s all done behind closed doors and out of the public eye, and with an attention span known to be short, can be expected to care more for every day issues, than about a radical demographic shake-up of their society.

Preferring ad-hominem attacks to real debate, the politicos thus far, believe that they can keep the pressing issues from being addressed, and it helps that much of the media is of the same opinion. Any right-wing critic of Islamization is immediately labeled as a “right-wing xenophobe”, while left-wing critics (yes there are indeed Leftists that oppose their own Islamization) are simply called …critics.

Once again, it has never been an issue about race and ethnicity, but about ideology. It’s not the West’s fault that the Middle East and N.African states adhere to a religion that can’t be trusted (as of yet) to be a positive force in building and maintaining, a just, pluralistic democracy that is founded on human rights and fundamental principles, such as the freedom of speech. Just think back to the Mohamed cartoon crisis, in which Muslim groups throughout the EU were just as vocal about their demands for censorship, as were their co-religionists in the Third World.

We do not need another time period in Europe where religion dictates our every move, Europe has seen it, and done it, and there is no returning to it. The fear that could be in Europe’s future once again, is beginning to resonate within Leftist circles, and underlined, since sharia law has gained prominence in Britain.

The official Counterjihad that the Tundra Tabloids belongs to is not against immigrants or immigration, but against the insane, suicidal policies that call for the colonization of its own indegenous populations with a foreign Muslim population that has resisted repeated calls to intergrate. It doesn’t help that foreign Muslim leaders are encouraging Muslims in Europe to do just that.

Securing Europe’s future means a drastic departure from these counter productive policies, and that makes it necessary for every officially sanctioned political party to get on board and properly debate the issue of immigration in an honest, open and meaningful way. The public needs informed opinion to help them choose what society they want for themeselves and for their children. KGS


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