9/11 Islamic Fascism

Islam in Britain 9/11 Hate Campaign…….

Islamofascism will never change its spots, the death cult revels in the bloody mayhem it inflicts upon others. It’s what they do best.

Europe News:Islam in Britains 9/11 Hate Campaign

Lionheart September 10 2008

Where as 9/11 and 7/7 are a time of sorrow and commiseration for many of us living in the West, for Moslems it is a time of joy and a time to gloat over the worst atrocities to have ever hit our shores that killed and wounded many innocent people from amongst us.
They are going to be praising and glorifying in the acts of the 19 highjackers on 9/11 and the 4 bombers on the morning of 7/7

The picture on the left is of Palestinian woman cheering on street in Ramallah after hearing about the 9/11 Attacks. This is the kind of person the EU sends our hard earned tax money to, in its attempt to fund the so called “moderate government in Ramallah.

The Tundra Tabloids takes the line that, all funding for the Palestinians should come through the OIC. And don’t believe for one minute that the OIC’s funding the PA would “encourage more extremism”, the West has been funding these people for years, and look how moderate they’ve become as a result. Any talk of “don’t do this or that for fear of angering the Muslims, it’ll just cause them to become more extreme” is a total ruse.

No matter what the West does, or doesn’t do, it factors little for the Islamofascists. The US failed to react to Islam inspired attacks for years, and it emboldened the jihadis to commit the 9/11 outrage. The US and its allies takes out the Taliban regime in Afghanistan and Saddam Hussein’s murderous regime in Iraq, and it’s considered a victory for Islam, because the US has helped spread hate of itself around the Islamic world.

No matter what the policy is, the Islamofascists will always interpret it as a victory for Islam, that is why the West has to remain on the offensive. Islam (because it can’t yet mount an effective campaign to Islamism) has to be contained and not allowed to be spread here in the West, it is the most important way to limit the impact of the jihadi influence amongst us as we engage the forces of Islamofascism. KGS

UPDATE: to help prove the point that Islam is not yet up to the challenge of mounting a credible offense to the jihadist message, take a look at this WSJ article. The Islamic world cares more about defending their prophet and religion from criticism, than helping their religion evolve into a non-violent, docile creed.
It’s that “shame and honor” thing.

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