Finnish Troofers Unleashed on Seventh Anniversary of 9/11…….

Of all the absurdities I have had the displeasure of knowing about, the 9/11 “troofer” movement tops the list. First and foremost, what all “troofers” have in common, is:
1.) A deep dislike for the Bush administration,

2.) A belief that the war against Islamofascism is a ruse, and

3.) An entrenched distrust of the American government.
Add to that toxic mix Harry Truman’s warning about the American Military Industrial Complex and you have pretty much summed up the 9/11 troofer crowd.
One Finnish TV station (Nelonen) has devoted the entire evening segment of its broadcast this week, to everything surrounding the 9/11 attacks. It has been a mixture of documentaries where one actually debunked the troofer conspiracy, another dramatized the experiences of some of the victims, but there are also showing hard core troofer porn like, “Loose Change” as well as Michael “the Michelin Man” Moore’s propagandadoctory, “Fahrenheit 9/11.
Every year a well known Finnish troofer, Hannu Yli-Karjanmaa, editor of the Sept. 11 conspiracy website gets an op-ed published in the press somewhere, fortunately most Finns are more amused than taken in by it, but what’s really an insult, is that the movie directing “Kaurismäki brothers” are showing two hard core troofer porn movies (porn in the sense that it’s not reality) and one Ultra radical Marxist film exploring the need for revolution at the theatre they jointly own in Helsinki, called the Andoora.
Aki Kaurismäki made headlines in Hollywood back in 2003 for his refusal to accept his movie’s nomination for best foreign film. By all accounts, he’s a very hard Leftist, so seeing his theatre pimping “troofer trash” doesn’t come as a surprise, but it’s offensive nonetheless.
People who believe in conspiracy theories don’t realize the pretzel headed logic of a cycle they thrust themselves into, …head first. Because it’s a conspiracy, every piece of evidence that points the troofer in the opposite direction of the conspiracy, by default, has to be disregarded because it’s part of the conspiracy.
To begin with, they are obsessed with the conspiracy, and like a physical high, any attempt to deprive them of that feeling, will be rejected out of hand, no matter how sound the advice, no matter how clear the evidence. Perhaps there is a medical term for those who refuse to believe in concrete evidence, choosing flat earth over sphere time and time again. Kind of like one mental disorder that forces people to repeat the same actions an umpteenth number of times, because they can’t really trust that it was done the first time around.
One big thumbs down on the Kaurismäki brothers for showing such nonsense at a time when we should be zeroing in on the Islamofascists. I believe that movie critic Debbie Schlussel would give the Kaurismäki brothers five Marxes, but they would take it as a complement. KGS

H/T Vasarahammer UPDATE: The blogger Kumitonttu brings the following news to the TT’s attention that a conservative website, Uusimaa, is currently running a poll in which people vote on who they think was behind the 9/11 attacks in New York and in Washington DC. Kumitonttu says that: “And here’s the result. I am shocked – only 47% of Finns link the arab terrorists to the attack! 34% think it was US administration, 5% Israel and 13% have no idea.”I agree that it’s shocking, but I also tend to believe that it’s a skewed poll, most of those voting for the US as being behind the attack are doing it out of political reasons, which is something that really sucks, and that I find highly offensive, but that’s what they are doing. Or at least I hope so. KGS

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