Blair’s Useful Stooge Sis-in-law Pimps For Hamas…….

British Leftist activist, Lauren Booth still tries to prove the earth flat, in her latest interview with Ynet.

“Booth asserted that the current siege is not the result of the policies of the Hamas government. “There’s been a siege for 20 years already. Palestinians’ freedom of movement has been restricted since the 80s.”

Hamas a victim? yeah riiiight, and Al-Capone was just a fun loving uncle.

These people are hopelessly shameless, Booth is betting on the public’s short memory to help give her laughable claims some measure of credibility. She would have you forget that the “siege” as she puts it, is entirely of the Hamas’ own doing, after been handed the entire Gaza Strip by Israel.

That they took over the Strip from Fattah in a bloody mini civil war, as well as launching missiles against Israeli civilian centers is of none concern to the Mom activist who has deserted her children in favor of the spotlight. That’s right folks, she’s enjoying her time in the media’s lens. She’s no victim, it’s all a scam.

But what’s of interest is the cognitive dissonance of the woman who chooses to overlook the brutal nature of the Islamofascist group she’s defending. She’s whoring herself to those who deem her as a useful stooge for the cause, who would like no better than to see her convert to Islam and cover herself up in a tent. What a fool. KGS.

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