Finnish State Radio YLE Smears Christians Who Support Israel…….

Just last week Finnish Svenksa TV, aired a documentary from Sweden which aimed to portray Swedish Christian Zionists as threats to Middle East peace, due to their support for the Jewish state of Israel. Saudi petrol dollars and EURABIA mindthink are behind this kind of stupidity.

Add that toxic mix to Finland’s knee jerk reaction to “copy cat” anything coming from Sweden, and there you have it, YLE’s drive-by smear job of the Finnish Christian community.

You see, YLE knows that they won’t be facing any death threats or run risks of bodily harm from the Christian community, so that comfortable thought helps free up their “creative licence” to maliciously paint, smear and out right lie about Israel’s supporters. Now when its Islam in question, the once mighty media begin to feel its knees a quaking and an uneasiness in the stomach, and end up peeing on its shoes.
On today’s morning radio program, Ykkösaamu, (in Finnish here, fast forward to 27 min.) YLE reporter, Anu Passoja presented Christian Zionist representative, Juha Ketola, -head of the Finnish branch of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem- with out of context scenarios that are sadly a regular part of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
“House demolitions, uprooting olive trees, shooting children stopping ambulances (edit. Israel does not target children or any other civilian) etc.etc.
Ketola remained calm and delivered a rather good response, which was basically answering a question with a question. “why doesn’t YLE give context to the stories about home demolitions, which have been found to harbor smuggling tunnels?” But one response would have been that:
1.) Israel no longer demolishes homes of terrorists.

2.) Civilians do become victims, but Israel takes great care in limiting these unwanted casualties, preferring rather to target the guilty parties instead.

3.) If in fact olive trees are uprooted, its due to the fact that Israelis need a clear sight of view, due to acts of terrorist aggression. Owners of fields where trees are uprooted, are compensated by the Israeli government.

4.) Ambulances are stopped due to Palestinian terrorists using them to transfer terrorists and weapons and explosives.

And on it went. The woman must have taken her talking points straight from the Leftist’s guide to the Middle East Conflict. She gets help from a Helsinki lecturer, Matti Myllykoski, who then paints the group as an offspring of the Pro-Israel lobby, which is according to him, a powerful force in getting Congress to fund Israel.
The stale carrot in that soup YLE is pedaling, is that the US sees in Israel, first and foremost, a valuable ally in the region which has been able to maintain a measure of calm between all the sides, in spite of a few border clashes/small conflicts. That is why Israel receives funding, not because of a lobby, whose function is solely to keep that aspect of US foreign policy always clearly understood to US law makers.

Also, you would think that the communists and Marxists running YLE would be pleased that Christians no longer find anti-Semitism acceptable, and show it by fully supporting the Middle East’s only full democracy and the world’s only Jewish state. But don’t hold your breath, they can’t even discern strong Christian Zionist support as a result of the media’s bashing of, and overtly hostile attitude towards the state of Israel.

Al Avai weighs in: “Would be interesting to see an interview of someone on the Left, illustrating “uncritical and naive support for the Palestinians” I think I’ll see the Messiah first.”

Right again Al, like I said before, don’t hold your breath. The media swallows Pali propaganda whole, like a Python eating a rat. YLE does not comprehend the moral dilemma in painting Christians as threats to ME peace, while Finnish Leftist are very vocal about their support of the Palestinians, but are noticeably SILENT about the abuse of women, gays, dissenters, apostates at the hands of the thugs that run the PA and Gaza.

YLE, Anu Passoja and Matti Myllykoski are flatulating with their lips with this one. The Tundra Tabloids awards them with the Tundra Turd award, for their efforts in mediocrity and biased news journalism.

NOTE: The Finnish media fail to understand that their institutionalized biases only serve to broaden the ranks of the next generation of Christian Zionists. H/T Vasarahammer

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