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Finnish YLE Interviewer’s Snarky Remarks About Saddam’s WMD’s…….

Finnish state TV, morning show interviewer, Tom Kankkonen, tries to grill an American IAEA expert (speaking about Iran’s nuclear program) over the lack of WMD’s in Iraq after the US led invasion.

Somehow, it’s supposedly “the lack of WMD’s” that places the US in a position of lacking credibility. What buffoonery, and nonsense to the umpteenth power. The only thing worth noting about all this, is the lack of knowledge over the key facts that led up to the “resuming of hostilities” by the US and Britain against Iraq, which was not a sovereign state by any stretch of the imagination, and was in clear defiance of the UNSC’s own resolution, 1441.

For hacks like Kankkonen, truth doesn’t matter, only the keeping of the media’s status quo “spin of events”. It’s useless to try and reason with them, all that matter to them is the canard that: “Bush lied, people died” hooey, that they try to push with a vigor that will match anything out there in the streets during a Leftard protest.

For anyone wanting to view the vid, here’s the link. Vasarahammer says that “the interview is just in the beginning and starts after 40 seconds.” For you non-Finnish speakers, don’t worry, the interview is in English.

For those of you who don’t know anything about the run up to the Iraq war, other than what you have heard in the news bites, click here. Make sure that you read the joint reply by Horowitz and Johnson to response made by Michael Isikoff.

Also, Tom Kankkonen is the same journalist who mentioned KGS, (me) the proprietor of the Tundra Tabloids, in a book of his dealing with Islam in Europe. Tom Kankkonen is just one more Finnish media drone in a long line of many, that dutifully vomits up the politically correct “truth” full of gooey multiculturalism nonsense, for the listening captive Finnish audience.

One thing for sure, the Finns are slowly but surely becoming more aware of the outside world around them, and being increasingly English literate, they will no longer force feed themselves exclusively with Finnish state propaganda.

You might think I’m stretching things a bit, but in reality, the Finnish news market faces little competition within the domestic market, making it ripe for a uniformity in the news, both foreign and domestic. KGS

H/T Vasarahammer….of course

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