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Jerusalem: Ramadan Prayers End With Violence…….

The Tundra Tabloids agrees with Jihad Watch, Ramadan and Friday prayers help to incite the followers of Mohamed to commit acts of violence. The examples are legion, what happened in Jerusalem yesterday is just one incident in a long litany of others.

J’lem Post: Some 100 young Palestinians rioted at the Kalandiya checkpoint, north of Jerusalem, on Friday, shortly after the first communal prayers of Ramadan. The Palestinians hurled stones at IDF troops and border policemen deployed in area, prompting the security forces to take crowd control measures. No casualties were reported.

Simultaneously, there were two disturbances near the security fence, near Ramallah. Some 150 Palestinians gathered for the routine anti-fence protest in Ni’lin, in which, as usual, security forces were pelted with stones, and a similar but smaller demonstration was held in Bi’lin.
Meanwhile, near the village of Yata, south of Hebron, an Israeli vehicle was damaged when it was struck by stones thrown by Palestinians. No one was wounded.

Also on Friday, around 90,000 Muslims congregated on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem for prayers, police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said. He said “thousands” of police were deployed around the city to prevent any disturbances. Citing security concerns, police restricted the entry of Palestinians, banning men under 45 and requiring many women to produce valid entry permits. In the past, some Friday services at the site have ended in riots. Thankfully, no disturbances were reported in the area this time.”

Please let me know if the TT is just “getting it all wrong”, but in the modern age, what other religious members are known for their prayer sessions to be followed up by a rampage of violence? None come to mind except for those who belong to the cult of Mo.

Please prove the TT wrong, all comments will be read and taken seriously if they are written with the sole intent to enlighten. And if they are well thought out, they will appear in a post on the subject. It’s the least that the Tundra Tabloids can do. KGS

Via: Jihad Watch

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